Google Testing Out “Sesame Open”, But Working On Something Better

Google Testing Out “Sesame Open”, But Working On Something Better

17th January 2012

Do you not trust public computers with your passwords, because maybe, just maybe a keylogger might be installed which records your password? Well help might be under way. Google is testing a new way of login: QR Codes. But that is just the start. Google says they are already working on ‘something better’.

If you go to Google’s special page on this: you will see a QR Code. You can scan this barcode with your phone which will then take you to a website using your mobile browser. Google will then prompt you to type in your password and will ask for confirmation you do want to login. Once confirmed, your desktop browser will receive notice from Google that you are good to go and open a Gmail session for you.

This feature seems a lot safer than ‘just’ logging in with your password. After all you don’t type in anything which can be recorded. But be careful, it is not 100% safe. First of all you won’t know what exactly is installed on the computer you are using. We’ve seen instances where Firesheep was used in open wifi not just to find out the password, but to actually change the password. Also there are still many people who forget to log out…

This feature is not a new feature which we from now on will all be using. It is a test. The page actually was found by accident. Google’s Dirk Balfanz, member Google’s security team, says this was just an experiment. He says they are ‘already working on something better’.

He said:

“We always work on improving authentication, and try out different things every now and then. We’re working on something that I believe is even better, and when that’s ready for a public trial we’ll let you know.”

To be continued without a doubt.


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