Google Tests Sticky Search Bar and Infinite Scrolling

Could it be that in the future all our websites are on the first page of Google? Even though it is millions of sites per search? It could very well be so if we look at the latest Google tests. Infinite scrolling might be the next change Google is up to.

Everything happens for a reason. That also means every Google test is there for a reason. And every design change. The black bar was an example of something which was there for a reason: Google is using it to highlight Google Plus. When Plus came Google also came with a redesign. In that redesign we could see a grey bar showing up on top of the search results, with the search bar in it. That is there for a reason too.

It turns out that the grey search bar on top could be part of the infinite scrolling feature Google is testing. The grey search bar then sticks to the top, while the rest of the page scrolls down.

And when you scroll down it won’t end with 10 results or the few more which Universal Search has brought us. It will be scrolling down infinite. Just like for example Twitter does. No more pagination, no more “we are on page 4”. Just infinite scrolling.

Take a look at this video of someone who spotted the tests:

I’m not sure yet wether I will like this feature. Even though I understand why Google is doing this (not too many use the extra pages) I kind of like the option to go to say results 400 right away instead of having to scroll down a lot first. This might help those on page two, but it won’t help those on page 18 for example.

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10 thoughts on “Google Tests Sticky Search Bar and Infinite Scrolling

  1. This iteration makes total sense. Infinite scrolling and a sticky, thus immediately changeable search term are very good usability improvements. Why click on the “next”-button when you can achieve the same via a much faster scroll which for which one does not even have to hit a specific spot.

  2. I love this… But what’s gonna happen to AdWords?
    If they put this function live only the strong bidders will be on the first (and unique) page = higher bids, but this higher bids will be able to supply the lose of small bidders?

    1. Look at what they are doing with the map with local results. That scrolls down also, Adwords will probably do the same… (as said, everything is done for a reason)

  3. I think this is definitely going to encourage users to search deeper, which translates that being at #11 is not going to be that bad. This will also shift the the percentage traffic share from #1, #2 & #3 and scatter it around.
    Well this would definitely mean looking for some new SEO strategies.

  4. Makes sense to me; having to click does feel like an unnecessary step.

    I agree completely with Aatif that the big distinction between #10 and #11 will go away.

    Higher is always better, but the discrete drops between Page 1 and 2 and Page 2 and 3 will vanish.

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