Google Trends now Show Video Data from 2008

Google Trends now Show Video Data from 2008

27th March 2013

This week Google have announced that Google Trends now holds YouTube Search Data going back to 2008.

You can limit search results to video only and explore traffic patterns for time and location as with normal trends, so the addition of YouTube search data means you can now look at the trends of videos online.

Gangnam Style vs Harlem Shake

For those that have already had enough – you will be pleased to see that the popularity is declining in both web search and video… (bad news is that it is not completely over!)


Easter Eggs?

Perhaps a sign of the times that Easter Weekend is just around the corner, yet the highest interest according to Youtube Trends is that of Easter Eggs in Gaming such as Halo, Minecraft and Skyrim – and Google Easter Eggs when you also combine the web search.


And Just for Fun – Top 50 Bloggers

Let’s see how active the top 5 bloggers have been in the Youtube Space (as dictated by the TopRank Top 50 Bloggers list) – from the looks of it – Dixon is the most active person and the only one of our 5 showing in the Youtube Trends Data – time to let me follow you around with the camera at the next conference 🙂


So if you are immersed in Online Video, or Video SEO, having access to the trends data could help you know when to hold em, know when to fold em… at the very least, it may throw up some areas for keyword research that you hadn’t yet considered…  and at the very worst – get ready for some of those popularity spikes turning into popularity curves that never end 🙂

For more details visit the Youtube Trends Blog



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