Google Trying to Combine The Old And New Navigation

Google Trying to Combine The Old And New Navigation

6th February 2012

It looks like that Google can’t decide which navigation works best for everyone, the old black navigation bar or the new navigation announced in November. Now a few months after the new navigation was introduced, Google still uses both interfaces together which is a little annoying when using different Google products and browsers.


In a new experiment discovered by the unofficial Google blog Google Operating System the old and new interfaces are combined. The black bar is still present with more spacing between the links that are now bold and more gray. When clicking on the “More” link the links in the menu that opens are now black and bold instead of blue like in the old interface.

The elements that are currently in the upper right corner in the old interface, the username, share box for Google+ and profile picture are in the experiment placed below the black bar which is something from the new interface.

A screenshot of the experiment below.

Try the new navigation

You can try the new navigation by following the steps below,

* First go to or to, whichever you prefer.

* You then need to open the Developer tools within the browser. If you are using Google Chrome press CTRL + SHIFT + J, in Firefox press CTRL + SHIFT + K and if you are using Internet Explorer (8+) press F12 en then open the tab Console. Safari users press CTRL + ALT + I and in the panel that opens choose Console.

* Then copy the code in this text file into the developer screen and hit Enter.
(If you want to use change “.com” in the code to “”).

After hitting Enter the new navigation should show right away.

Although the new navigation that was introduced in november looked good I could net get used to the extra clicks. So I still prefer the old black navigation bar. The new experiment combines both but somehow it doesn’t feel complete now the upper right corner is empty, and they should not make the links bold!.


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