Google in the UK: Beating Bing and Yahoo

Google in the UK: Beating Bing and Yahoo

15th March 2012

Google is the dominant force in many countries World Wide. In the UK Yahoo and Bing might have thought they still had a chance but that dream now seems to have shattered if we look at the numbers released by Experian Hitwise.

Experian Hitwise shows us that Google Sites now account for almost 92% of all searches conducted in the UK in February 2012. That means Google has grown again, almost a percentage, whereas Bing and Yahoo saw a decline.

Microsoft sites, so that is more than just Bing, it is all off Microsoft sites in the UK, saw a decrease of 0.48%, Yahoo did slightly better but still saw a decrease of 0.39%.

James Murray, Market Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise says:

“There was a continuing growth trend in visits to search engines in February 2012, as people relied on search to navigate their way around the Internet. Compared to February 2011 we saw an additional 174 million visits to search engines in February 2012, an impressive 8.7 per cent growth year-on-year. Understanding how people are interacting with search engines, which keywords they are using and how successful those searches are, is becoming more critical than ever for companies to successfully market their brand online.”

Experian Hitwise also released the infographic below which gives a nice insight into the UK Search World. I say ‘Google’…


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