Google Using Knowledge Graph on People Search

Google Using Knowledge Graph on People Search

17th July 2012

Knowledge Graph is slowly expanding its grip on the Google Search results. Where at the launch of this new Google feature it was mainly aimed at information which was interesting for the public, Google seems to be zooming in right now, even though not all the information is as up to date as it could be.

Now Google will show “Knowledge Graph” or “Direct Answers” information on peoples names, and not just the ‘famous people’, but you and me as well. The information, what else, is a link to the Google+ Profile of a person, giving you information on that person, their latest update and off course in the meanwhile pushing Google+ again. Funny enough it is becoming more and more what I said Google+ (then working title “Google Me”) should be.

When doing a search for Marissa Mayer yesterday it showed the information we now are almost used to with Knowledge Graph: information from Wikipedia as well as related searches for other ‘famous’ people in that area. What (again) was notable was that Google’s Knowledge Graph information doesn’t update as quickly as the Google index does:

Now the above search is as said something we’ve seen before, this morning I searched for some less famous people and Knowledge Graph showed up again. Here’s an example of a search on my name:

As you can see my Google+ Profile is highlighted on the right, showing my description, a link to my Google+ page and the last update I did on Google+.

It seems as if the Knowledge Graph result is connected to personalized search and could be (but is not sure) connected to who is in your Google+ circles at the moment.

What does this mean?

Well for one thing it means that you now must think about Google+ a little bit more, branding wise. Because both the description and the latest Google+ Update will show there, which is interesting for those who are searching your name, before a meeting for example. For Google it means they have found another trigger for people to start using Google+. For us it means we have another thing to think about and update.


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