Google’s First Ever UK TV Ad: How Was It For You?

Google’s First Ever UK TV Ad: How Was It For You?

2nd April 2012

In the US it is a more common sight: Google doing a TV ad. In 2011 Google even spent $70m on this kind of brand advertising. In Europe and in this case especially the UK however it is not that common that Google uses this way of getting attention.

This weekend however for the first time in their short history Google launched a TV ad in the UK. The ad was called “‘Google+: Tom” and is a commercial to promote Google+. The ad follows the Tom, an average Joe, through his life and how he shares that life in many stages on Google+. It has Benedict Cumberbatch reading ‘The Seven Ages of Man’ from Shakespeare.

The ad was written by Aidan McLure, Laurent Simon, Beth Bentley and Alex Heisz. It was directed by Simon Ellis of Mad Cow films. You can see it below.

The response to the ad was in general pretty good. Many tweeted about it and liked the ad. Only a few were not happy with the ad and found it boring, slow or even nauseating.

What was your thought on the ad?


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