Google’s Panda Update Rolls Out World Wide

Google’s Panda Update Rolls Out World Wide

12th August 2011

With a small blogpost Amit Singhal has announced that the much discussed Panda Update is now being rolled out World Wide, with the exception of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

The Panda Update stirred up the SEO World quite a bit when it rolled out originally in the US in February and after that in other English-speaking countries. We’ll now have to wait and see how it will affect the other countries. Google itself expects it to impact 6-9% of queries, which is lower than the case was in the US (12%).

panda in the wildGoogle says the Updates in the English language have increased the quality of searches. On their blog they say:

“Our scientific evaluation data show that this change improves our search quality across the board and the response to Panda from users has been very positive. “

Help! Now what?

There are many posts out there which describe what you can do to prevent being hit by Panda. Google itself also offers some information. But to be honest, when your site isn’t ready yet, you are probably too late now.

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