Graphics persuasion and Interaction – Conversion Conference London

Graphics persuasion and Interaction – Conversion Conference London

1st November 2010

Sandra Niehaus, Closed Loop Marketing

What makes design conversion rate optimised?

Making the right design choices starts with asking the right questions. Client questions’ are usually tactical. The most pressing design question is “should my buttons be red?”. It’s the wrong question to focus on. The correct question is “is this design conversion optimised?”
Conversion optimised includes Usablity and Priority.

• Good “affordance” – buttons need to look like buttons. Drop shadow text is not a button. Raised where possible.
• Obvious, make the add to cart button obvious
• Physically easy to use, make sure they are big enough
• Appears easy to do, make sure forms are simplified
• Reducing mental and physical effort, confirm add to basket in ajax popup leaving user on page
• Contextually helpful
• On-time information, shipping calculator estimates in shopping cart will reduce exit rate
• Persuasive, be meaningful to the visitor. Be obvious about functionality, the “why should I” factor needs to be overcome. Reassurance can be persuasive. “You can review the order before placing” text increases add to basket rates.

• Helpful – prioritise the most important next step in terms of size and placement
• Information and guidance – service comparison tables allow easy decisions
• Clear Information Heirarchy on page
• You need to balance business goals with usability, overdoing it = bad PR

How do you achieve it?
• Ask the right questions
• Educate your designers

Peter Troost – BuyerMinds

Psychological tactics to improve conversion.

Humans are predictable:
• High ability and high motivation = high action the inverse results in low action.
• A trigger motivates people from the low to the high.
• Cold triggers are difficult to execute – offline Print advertising
• Hot triggers are easy to execute – online ads with a click through
• Getting people to undertake the first small commitment makes it easy to sell the item

Energy company:

Created an interaction design that allowed people to estimate the real cost in the money that they can save when the market was quoting confusing watt hour terminology. That way they increased conversion rate by 30%. Went from 8th place to second in the market.

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