High Speed Backlink Profile Analysis with QBL

High Speed Backlink Profile Analysis with QBL

16th December 2011

I’ve always been an enthusiastic user of the Yahoo Site Explorer and its free features. Clearly, its shutdown left a big gap that can’t be filled overnight. So where can I get a quick overview of my existing backlink profile from now? There are a few tools on the market to this: Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Openlinkgraph and the new development of Cemper.com: QBL. The Quick Backlink Tool (QBL) is part of the Link Research Tools and it seems like an affordable alternative to me, especially since Christoph Cemper offered some free accounts for State of Search readers!Let me give you a quick introduction to the features of this tool. Firstly you decide if you want to go for an analysis of a whole domain or a single page. The QBL delivers up to 2,000 links with a number of different metrics like the hosting country, the type of a link as well as the number of linking domains, the amount of links going to the domain and several more.

The tool offers you a variety of charts for the metrics that come with the tool, like an anchor text breakdown, link status (follow / nofollow), link type (text / image), deeplink ratio, tld breakdown, country popularity, ip popularity, class-c popularity and the power of a link (good, average or low). For a more detailed view I recommend having a look at the table below, which provides you with an in-depth view into your backlink profile. Those Excel look-alikes are all filterable by every metric and fully customizable. Of course you can export the data.

The cool thing is, that it’s really fast. It’s just as fast as Yahoo Site Explorer used to be, which makes it a really great replacement.
In addition the Quick Backlinks tool provides you with several bookmarklets which help you get up to speed in your SEO work by letting you start reports with a simple click in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

In a nutshell the “QBL” analyses your existing backlinks, compares them and visualized them in charts and a detailed data table. Whereas it doesn’t check every single link for accuracy like the Backlink Profiler (another tool in the Link Research Suite) does and doesn’t offer the wide range of SEO metrics other tools, it offers unparalleled speed and results within a few seconds! Especially in combination with the bookmarklet this is one of the best tools I’ve seen for a quick checkup.

Next year I would like to do a test comparing QBL, Majestic, Open Site Explorer and Openlinkgraph to see “who has the biggest” 🙂

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So you want to play with the tool during the weekend or the holidays? No problem! Just grab one of these free codes to get your free account here:


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