UPDATE: Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic, Adds more Tools

UPDATE: Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic, Adds more Tools

6th September 2012

Earlier this week we reported about Hootsuite and how it had added SocialBro and Needtagger to their products (see below). Today the news reaches us that that was just a setup for bigger things to come. Today Hootsuite acquires Seesmic.

Seesmic is a direct ‘competitor’ of Hootsuite, which was originally founded by LeWeb organiser Loic LeMeur. It started out as a video tool which should be the ‘Twitter of video’, but soon turned into a Social Media tool. Seesmic hasn’t been doing too well in the past year and even had to let go half of its employees last March.

Hootsuite will be converting Seesmic users into Hootsuite, so it told TechCrunch. It is not clear how much Hootsuite is paying for Seesmic, which has an estimated 30,000-40,000 unique monthly visitors. Loic Le Meur will be staying on to “help with transition and advisory work.” (TechCrunch)

Find below the post I wrote earlier this week about the integration of SocialBro into Hootsuite:

Hootsuite adds more analytics with Socialbro

(sep 3) There are many tools you can use to update your Social statuses. One tool which has been around for a while now is Hootsuite. It started off as a nice alternative for Tweetdeck for updating your status, but it is slowly growing into a full service social network tool.

With Hootsuite you can manage multiple profiles and depending on how much money you want to pay for it you can use things like messaging, integration with Google Analytics and multiple users. Many of the tools are added into their App Directory. The latest addition to that App Directory is Twitter analytics tool SocialBro. With Social Bro users will be able to add some nice filters on their Twitter community and thus get some interesting stats.

SocialBro is a stand alone statistic tool that you can use on your social networks. It is not a free tool, but it starts with $6.95 a month. You will need an account for SocialBro to add the app to Hootsuite.

Social Bro ads ten filters to the Twitter contacts in your Hootsuite, like for example location, language, time zone and influence which allows you to take a much more specific look at the people who are following you and who you are following.

With Social Bro in Hootsuite you can also “Search filtered lists and easily follow, unfollow, Tweet at or direct message your contacts directly from within the dash, quickly view your new followers, recent unfollows and more.”

Check out what Social Bro exactly does here:


In line with Social Bro Hootsuite also added ‘NeedTagger‘ to their app directory. This should allow you to better find prospective customers and interact with them. You can set up filters for your specific industry. NeedTagger is a free tool to start with, for more functionalities you will need to pay.


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