How Big is the SEO Industry?

The SEO Industry. Some believe its the best industry in the world, others believe it’s all spammers. But all will agree the SEO industry plays a big role in the online world. But how big is SEO online?

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13 thoughts on “How Big is the SEO Industry?

  1. “The most popular day of the week for looking up seo is thursday”

    Is that cause of #mancseo?? 😛

  2. Good and Informative Post with Basic Statistics,. Dan, I am also wondering that, How many Businesses are really seeking for real SEO Services from Google Search. India is booming in SEO but, most of searches due to providing services in comparison with using it. Thanks, and still I appreciate for more detailed information. Mayur Christi

  3. Google search results – 863 million.
    Distinction between webSITE and webPAGE is needed. Website consists of many webpages, thus Google on average shows two webpages per website. In short it means 863 million is to be divided to two at least, probably even much less then that.

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