How do British People Use Facebook?

Everybody is different, every country is different, so when “doing” Social Media you have to keep in mind how different countries act. Facebook released this video about how Brits act on Facebook. Our question off course: do you agree? If you are British, do you recognise your own behaviour? And if you are not, do you recognise behaviour of the Brits you know?

Bas van den Beld

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One thought on “How do British People Use Facebook?

  1. I was pretty surprised by the impact FB still has on individuals especially with the rise of various other social networks. However, said that when looking at my British friends it has to be said that that it’s a pretty good match – they genuinely love to engage on FB keeping their friends posted on the latest. Even though sometimes it comes to such an extend that I get the impression that they’re getting stressed due to the ‘pressure’ to keep everyone posted! At the end of the day FB is here to connect people – whilst some of my loved ones have created another friendships funnel via FB and looking after two sets of friends can be time consuming – as the nature of online interaction differs greatly from face-to-face interactions 😉

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