How do I Get Them to Link? Lyndon Antcliff at #Linklove
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How do I Get Them to Link? Lyndon Antcliff at #Linklove

21st March 2013

As one of the foremost experts in producing link bait, which attracts, persuades and influences, Lyndon will talk through how he draws on the principles of psychology to create content designed to attract links. Discover the real reason why people link and how to go about building a linkalicious, content building machine.

This how the Linklove 2013 live agenda presented the talk Lyndon Antcliff of was giving this morning at the last Linklove organized by Distilled.

I linkbait, thefore I think

The real problem about linkbait is not knowledge, but attitude.

Attitude is hard to learn, while knowledge is easily picked up. The problem is the linkbaiters usually work on instinct, not a learned theory, but a disciplined practice is the key of success in linkbaiting.

Linkbait sounds weird, so that’s why SEO love to sell it as Content Marketing. Actually they are practically the same, says Lyndon

We should remember that we don’t create content for the Googlebot, but for people. That’s why in linkbait is essential knowing the people. Linkbaiting is Publishing not Content Farming.

What change are the mechanics of the delivery system, but – actually – the message is ancient: cave painting were the infographics of Prehistory. We must remember that publishing contains marketing and the means of production.

And we must understand that what we call things defines how we think about those same things and our attitude toward them. That’s why Lyndon prefer thinking to publishing, not to linkbaiting.

LinkLove Lyndon Antcliff

Publishing is marketing. Publishing is a sort of incepting an idea in the mind of our targets. And remember, people links to websites, not websites link to websites.

Do you remember what does Google say endlessly? Go for the natural links. That means that people see content, people link to content and, ultimately, people are the way to get natural links. That’s why Lyndon introduces the concept of POMP: Psychographic Online Mass Publishing.

Pychographic is concentrating on what is happening in the mind of the viewer/linker. That’s were the link is given. That means that content should be built based on how people will react to it mentally and emotionally. Then, let’s focus on the mental triggers that cause a positive reaction.

The psychographic profile of the linker is your linker persona.

And remember that targeting one person is easier than targeting an undefined mass of people. What does the link target really like? Add those emotional triggers you have seen working with him to get his link, while – at the same time – pay attention not being a social junkie and try being objective.

Mass publishing, then, is all about attracting as many people as possible. Mass appeal is getting in front of a lot of people and at some will link. When creating content try always to have a tabloid mindset: natural link building can be hard to scale, but the more people who see your content, the more who will share it. Lyndon urge to understand the basic of psychology: how the human mind works.

Our mind/brain is composed by a Primal Brain, its ancient part of it, and it’s all about instincts and survival. It responds to sex, fear, death… It loves a great headlines.

Then we have the Sub-conscious. It is the “bad guy”. It can perform 11 illion process at once, much more than the Conscious brain. It is all about emotions, it’s irrational and it is were impulse buying/linking lives.

Finally there is the Conscious brain, the rational one. It is the one dealing with the auditory and visual input. It the ethic brain, subverted by the primal and sub-conscious brains.

So, let’s linkbait the brain:

  • Primal brain is for the headline;
  • Body content for the sub-conscious;
  • But let the conscious brain think it’s making the decisions

Think like the Economist, create like the Sun

Here an example in the home security content marketing could be things like this:

“10 locks that keep out uninvited flesh eating zombies”

Take time for developing the perfect headline. Start with a list of ideas and read poetry to learn brevity. A great and efficient way to scale linkbait is linkbaiting the News. For that we must tap into the current zeitgeist in any niche. Lyndon picks up, as an example, the future Mars exploration and the costs of a human exploration of the planet.

No niche is hard for linkbaiting. If linkbait fails it is because of a wrong methodology. Be objective: if everyone’s talking about a topic, you must tap into it and scale it by having the best content.

It cost time, money and risk to get really really good links. But it has the highest ROI.


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