How To Create an Award Winning Campaign – #EUSearchAwards

How To Create an Award Winning Campaign – #EUSearchAwards

28th May 2014

Haukur Kristjánsson, from Nordic eMarketing won the best PPC Campaign at the EU Search Awards in March 2014.  Haukur shares how he and his team created an award winning campaign.

WINNER! Photo credit Ólafur Kr. Ólafsson

Having a Clear Strategy

The overall strategy of the PPC campaign was first and foremost to increase the impact of paid search and display on the client (WOW air‘s) overall marketing ecosystem .  They had to to do this by influencing customer decisions in various places of the booking funnel.  The strategy behind this campaign was a result of extensive experience from past clients.

The heart of Nordic eMarketing’s execution was and always will be proper localisation, as it is very important to communicate properly with customers.

The campaign involved 6 key steps:

  1. In-depth keyword research in 9 languages for 11 markets.
  2. AdWords account restructure
  3. Remarketing, both on search & display
  4. Branding campaigns, e.g. ads on travel engines such as Skyscanner
  5. More automation to help streamline bid management and help decrease CPA
  6. Campaigns through second-tier search engines like Bing.

There are two aspects to successful campaigns: the actual campaigns that reach out to customers and generate the traffic and the website that receives the traffic. WOW air’s website had a “facelift” in late 2013 but before that it had been doing a lot of work in regards to UX.

It is often the simple aspects that sometimes are overlooked by account managers (and everyone).  For example proper keyword allocation, correlation between ad copy & keywords and GEO optimisation. Paying attention to the detail of these basic but important foundations will get you far in PPC.  This is essentially what Haukur and his team did and therefore his recommendation is to stick to the basics.

Working with the client

During Nordic eMarketing’s time with WOW air, they had frequent meetings where they discussed past results and the next steps. The strategy behind the award winning campaigns came from the series of brainstorming sessions they had with their client. Brainstorming is great as it brings new ideas and different perspectives to the table.

It was important to build up a good relationship with the client and this was key in understanding their needs and objectives.  What Nordic eMarketing’s team did in 2013 paved the way to a successful 2014. Their approach to account structure is always to build on a strong core and build on that, which, in itself, is a long term strategy. This strategy is something that can also be used for other campaigns in the future.

Having Great Results

Online marketing is so much more than “just” PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media etc.  It is about creating a holistic approach where everything compliments one another.  As a result of taking this holistic approach, Nordic eMarketing achieved some great results:

  • There was a 445% increase in revenue via Adwords
  • There was a 463% increase in overall PPC revenue
  • There was a 467% increase in overall PPC conversions
  • There was a 74% decrease in cost per conversion


Key Advice

Haukur Kristjánsson gave two pieces of advice to account managers:

  1. Spend as much time as you can on your account structure. In my experience, proper account setup is a paramount factor to success. This way you will be able to communicate  more effectively with your customers.
  1. Try to automate as much as you can. This gives you more time for brainstorming and new opportunities.

Thank you to Haukur for sharing his experience and advice on how to create an award winning campaign.  Now go and implement and we look forward to hearing from the next award winning PPC campaign winner in 2015.

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Thanks to Ólafur Kr. Ólafsson at Nordic eMarketing for use of the photos.



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