How to Earn Visibility & Links Through Killer Content Strategy #seslon #seslondon

How to Earn Visibility & Links Through Killer Content Strategy #seslon #seslondon

19th February 2013

This session covers content, comparisons to modern day Newspapers, and how to think about earning links in creative ways.

  • Moderator:
    Matt Roberts, VP of Product, Linkdex

Session #1 – Kevin Gibbons –

be-amazingContent Marketing – what have we really learned?

Old School content AKA anything without human engagement is no longer effective. If no one cares, comments or links why should Google care?

2013 has a lot more signals than ever

  • Bounce Rate?
  • Referring traffic from Links
  • Social signals
  • Authority / authorship
  • Your Brands reputation
  • Correlation has great data for social ranking factors

Re-educating clients

Quality Content

Best results are the ones that increase month on month

SEO Strategy is more important than ever

  • Content is not a replacement for SEO
  • Make strategy so that content works with the SEO strategy
  • How does your outreach team get those links
  • Facebook sponsored stories?
  • Redit ads
  • Paid promotions

One integrated strategy it’s nto just one thing any more

Give people a reason to talk about or share your content

  • Whats the angle?
  • Be Remarkable – TED
  • Get your team to be creative and put passion into it

Be insightful

  • 62% of 2012 were not doing content marketing
  • Be first – start of the wave

Be creative

Be Useful – created most wanted section of their website

Be Agile

yourmove BMW – audi – check screens


  • Needs and audience – generates links but does not fulfil it’s potential
  • Build the audience
  • Links for traffic pre-page rank


  1. Educate client or boss to focus on the end result and be prepared to learn along the way
  2. 30 or 40 links per campaign
  3. Send google brand signals they can’t ignore
  4. Make your band the leader
  5. Outreach placements generate natural links & co-citations themselves

Session #2 – Max BrockBank – VerveSearch

max-brockbankWeb Minus 2.0

Newspapers are 2000 years old

  • Novelty and interest
  • Regular updates and editions
  • Trusted stories and authors
  • Repeat visits low bounce high conversion

Rule of Content re-visted

  • Make your HQ tags stand out
  • Go for the local angle
  • Re author – important signal = PR baby
  • Your search snippet is the first point of conversion – news in brief – works to sell the story
  • Not everything is good
  • Good writing can be taught but the best writesr are born
  • Hire good tecies – hire better writers

A commonsense approach

You will respect my authority

If you use good on page content you are more likely to get good results in Google

  • Better links come from better sites
  • Better sites have better content
  • Better content comes from better writers

Photos of Day 1 on G+


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