Identify “bad” links with Linkresearchtools Power*Trust update

Identify “bad” links with Linkresearchtools Power*Trust update

30th May 2012

The link- and site optimization tools are working very hard on improving their functionalities. After Majestic SEO launching “Flow Metrics” a few weeks ago and Linkdex’ new site crawler yesterday, today we can focus on Linkresearchtools. They launched a new new “Power*Trust update” which lets you identify links that originate from low-trust spam pages.

With the current ‘clean up’ of the Google result pages with updates like Panda and Penguin the need for ‘quality’ links has never been higher. But more importantly: site owners, and especially linkbuilders, want to know if they have any ‘bad’ links pointing to them which could potentially hurt them in the long run. The newest update from linkresearchtools adds 7 new SEO metrics to the tool to determine just that.

The Power*Trust metrics (more about them below) are part of a major update on Linkresearchtools. Some of the changes Linkresearchtools made are:

  • Improvement of the CEMPER Power tool and available in every tool in the Link Research Tools toolkit:
  • The new CEMPER Trust metrics have been added to the Basic SEO package as well as to a standalone metric package.
  • Complete restructuring and clean up of their SEO metrics packages
  • New Trust & Power Detail packages
  • Power*Trust Keyword-Cloud
  • A new experimental hidden feature in the Backlink Profiler (BLP) to utilize a new 23rd link source for Superheros and Enterprise accounts.
  • Counting of Pinterest shares for every link
  • Changes in domain metrics

Watch this video to get an overview of the changes

Power*Trust Link Metric

The big change for Linkresearchtools is the Power * Trust Link Metric. This is as they call it “the quickest evaluation of the overall impact of a link.”

Linkresearchtools determines four types of Power*Trust Links: risky, avoid, awesome and good. These types will give you an instant overview of the quality of links to a specific site, whether it will be your own or someone else’s. For SEO’s this could be a really interesting feature of looking at wether or not a site has been hit by Panda or Penguin.

A nice feature which Linkresearchtools added to their update is the keyword cloud, which visualizes the linked keywords in your site based on quantity or strength.

Goodbye to other rankings

The new updates of CEMPER Power™ and CEMPER Trust™ metrics means linkresearchtools is saying goodbye to SEOmoz MozRank and it has moved Google PageRank and Majestic ACrank into the “Legacy Link metrics” package.


The changes Linkresearchtools has made are extremely useful for linkbuilders and SEO’s looking for signs on how their sites are doing when it comes to Penguin updates for example. And the new trust metrics are again an indication that tools these days are moving forward really quickly. Combine all the tools and you might just have a more powerful product than Google itself when it comes to determining the quality of sites.


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