I’m feeling Lucky Easter Egg on homepage Google

I’m feeling Lucky Easter Egg on homepage Google

20th August 2012

Google placed a new small Easter Egg on the homepage of the search engine which can only be seen on the American homepage (Google.com). It’s about the well-known, historic I’m feeling Lucky button. When you place your mouse on the button the text will change to something else, for example, I’m Feeling Puzzled or I’m Feeling Hungry. There are eight different kind of buttons this way and every button has his own destination.

The I’m Feeling Trendy links to Google Trends and the I’m feeling puzzled links to Google’s own game A Google a Day, several buttons are linking to random Google Doodles.

These are all the different buttons,

  • I’m Feeling Doodly
  • I’m Feeling Artistic
  • I’m Feeling Hungry
  • I’m Feeling Puzzled
  • I’m Feeling Trendy
  • I’m Feeling Stellar
  • I’m Feeling Playful
  • I’m Feeling Wonderful

Google Instant

With the introduction of Google Instant in 2010 the button had no really function anymore but instead of removing the feature the search engine decided to keep it on the homepage because of its historic value.

In September 2010 ex-Googler Marissa Mayer told that only one percent of all searches were performed with the I’m feeling lucky feature but that the company didn’t want to remove it because it’s part of the heritage, also back then a lot of users didn’t know what the button actually did. In 2007 a report concluded that Google mist about 100 million dollar revenue with the button. In the past time the button linked directly to the Google Doodles gallery.

It´s not the first time Google hides an easter egg behind the button. In December 2009 when you clicked the button a counter would appear counting down to the new year. On January 1st 2010 when clicking the button you could see a great firework, a video of this below.


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