5 State of Search Bloggers Amongst 50 Most Influential in UK

5 State of Search Bloggers Amongst 50 Most Influential in UK

25th January 2013

We know we have a great blogging team, but it is always good to get recognition from the industry and to hear someone else saying you did a good job. That’s why we were proud to have won the European Searchaward last year and to have bloggers win in specific categories in the UK Searchawards both this and last year and we were proud of Aleyda, winning the poll of European Search Personality on Peter’s blog.

Now we have something else to be proud of: TopRank Online Marketing Blog yesterday published a (constantly changing) list of “Top UK Online Marketing Influencers & Bloggers in 2013“. On that list, next to several people who have guest posted for us in the past, we find no less than five State of Search bloggers!

The five bloggers are Paddy Moogan (ranked 18), Sam Noble (ranked 22), Hannah Smith (ranked 23), James Carson (ranked 38) and Bas van den Beld (ranked 5). The list itself is lead by UK Search Personality of the year Dixon Jones and has some familiar names like Kevin Gibbons, Andrew Betts, Dave Naylor, Rishi Lakhani, Andrew Girdwood and many more on there.

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There are also some less familiar names present, which always is refreshing because it will give you some new insights, it therefore is worth checking out the list.

So how is the list set up?

Lists of people or blogs are always a very dangerous thing to do, because different elements start playing a role. There is the taste, which differs from person to person, you might like one name and don’t like the other. There is the “ego”, if you’re on there, you are proud, if you are not, you might be disappointed. And there is the ‘friend’ issue, which means you like to see friends on that list. You will therefore never find a list which will fulfil every bodies wishes. And then there is the metrics: how do you measure who is really important? That is why sites like Klout can never be 100% trusted. But Lee Odden and his team at Toprank blog has made a real effort on this list.

Last year TopRankblog already published a list, after they did a poll, on the best UK Marketing blogs. This year they decided to make it a bit more personal, looking at blogger more than the blogs itself.

They looked at the list of UK blogs from last year and reached out to several UK based marketeers asking who should be on the list. Based on that they created a list and analysed that list using Traackr, looking at how much they share, both on blogs as on Social Media. From the blog:

“To make the list, a blogger needed to write consistently about online marketing and have an engaged audience. This ranking is updated every week to take into conservation new content published by UK bloggers on the social web, so be sure to return to see if your ranking has changed.”

The list changes constantly, based on the amount of information shared by the people on the list, so if you are not on there, you still have a chance to get on there, when nominated.

But wait, UK right?

Yes, you saw it correctly, yours truly is in there and I am not even English or UK based, one of the main demands for being on the list in the first place. Lee actually informed me personal that I am on the list because of the number of readers from the UK we have, the amount of work I do in the UK and because I was nominated to be on the list by many of the marketeers he asked for suggestions. So he put me on. Of which I am also aware that its a bit strange but I am off course very proud to be on the list and I hope the UK people won’t mind too much that I’m on there ;).



But to close off here, I’d like to congratulate Paddy, Sam, Hannah and James for making this list and I am looking forward to seeing more bloggers appear on this list.


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Bas van den Beld is an award winning Digital Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
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