Friday Infographic: The Blogconomy, Blogging Statistics on the Blog Economy

Blogging once was the most innovative way to be active online. That time has past. When Twitter came along people even spoke of the ‘death of blogging’, but that was too far fetched. Blogging is far from dead. How far from it? Well look at this Infographic by Ignitespot and you will get an idea. An extensive overview of blogging statistics.



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2 thoughts on “Friday Infographic: The Blogconomy, Blogging Statistics on the Blog Economy

  1. I must say this one is purely amazing. This infographic explained everything about blogging and ways to earn from it.
    The top 10 blog was the finest part of Infographic which added precise value to it, i never know the monthly earning of any of these blog though i visit them on daily basis.

    The Infographic is very creative and it revealed so many blogging stats.
    A Kingged Contributor – Inzamam

  2. Blogging has been a very beneficial and profitable business online. It is still a prominent way to earn money online, and that’s the reason why I don’t believe blogging will later be dead.

    Well, the proof that blogging is alive and is far from death is the statistics shared above.

    As what I’ve read, there a more than 10 million who blog on both blogging sites and social media, people spend most of their time in blogging online, and most of the internet users are often reading blogs.

    The information shared above is indeed factual, relevant and valuable.

    The reasons why blogging is better in your business is also stated above, as well as the types of bloggers, and the evolution of blogging. I must agree with the ways listed on how to earn money through blogging, and must say that many people are into it. The tips shared are helpful too.

    There are so many proofs given above, and I hope that they are enough to point out why blogging is not dead.

    P.S. The infographic shared above is indeed interesting. The design was neat, the color scheme is well combined and the information was well organized and readable.

    I have found this post shared on, the best website curation for Internet Marketing.

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