Integration Series: From Steve Jobs To Social Search

Integration Series: From Steve Jobs To Social Search

2nd January 2012

In December 2011 we did something special on State of Search: we had a series of guest posts feature on then State of Search from several very interesting and very high profiled bloggers and industry celebrities.

The series of guest posts were all around one specific topic: integration. Since marketing these days is all about integrating different channels. We believe that integration is what its all about in 2012. So we decided to ask people to give us their different perspectives on integration. How does search match with social, how does paid match with search, and what about PR and conversion?

The result is a great series of which you can find the intro`s below. So you have a nice overview of what the integration series was all about.

The Steve Jobs Way to Marketing Integration

Author: Bryan Eisenberg
bryan-eisenbergHow honored we are to have Bryan Eisenberg, aka `The Grok` joining our series. And he didn`t disappoint us with a stunning piece looking at integration from a totally different perspective: that of Steve Jobs. Must read.

Read the entire post ‘The Steve Jobs Way to Marketing Integration

Automating Twitter Content 

Author: Ralph Tegtmeier aka @fantomaster
ralph-tegtmeierRalph Tegtmeier, better known as `Fantomaster` describes in detail how to automate content generation and distribution for Twitter. His knowledge is famous in the industry and he shares that with the State of Search readers. Pure gold!
Read the entire post ‘Automating Twitter Content’

The Impact of Social on Search

Author: Sam Noble
sam-noble-55Sam Noble takes a profound look at the impact social is going to have on search. She gives examples of Ryanair, JC Penney and Coca Cola to show how brands should act now, not later. A very in depth look which every brand manager out there should read, and bookmark.

Read the entire post ‘The Impact of Social on Search’

Marketing Integration Key For Link Building

Author: Julie Joyce
Julie-JoyceThe series was kicked off by Julie Joyce who took her own day to day business as a starting point for her view on integration. `From a link building perspective, integration makes a lot of sense` she says, and it does! Just check out this post.

Read the entire post ‘Marketing Integration Key For Link Building’

Echo and amplify your content – The key to integrated search marketing

Author: Sara Andersson
Sara CliftonSearchers intent, it is oh so important in every marketers life. And that is exactly what Sara Andersson focussed on in her guest post. Sara tells us to `Stop wasting the searchers time and build an open and updated FAQ-driven website to keep your engaged clients devoted. You better listen.

Read the entire post ‘Echo and amplify your content – The key to integrated search marketing’

Integrated Marketing: the right blend for success

Author: James Murray
James Murray profile picJames Murray must see many many stats who tell him what is going on. He takes part of that knowledge to talk about the right blend of success. In his post he indeed takes the numbers as a starting point of looking at integration.

Read the entire post `Integrated Marketing: the right blend for success`

The Breakdown of Internet Marketing Barriers

Author: Taylor Pratt
Taylor-Pratt-Raven-ToolsRaventools’ Taylor Pratt share with us a few of his favorite holistic marketing strategies he uses when marketing Raven. Take a little Social Media Marketing, a little Conversion Optimization and continue to break down walls are the ingredients, for the recipe you have to read this post.

Read the entire post ‘The Breakdown of Internet Marketing Barriers’

“What do I tell my journalism students about their future?”

Author: Kate Morris
Kate-Morris-100Kate Morris can write, boy can she! And she proves it again in this series. The Internet has become the place that most of the younger generation gets their news. The downside to that is that anyone can say anything online. Zero dollars, a computer and half a brain can get you a blog, so now everyone is a journalist–or are they?

Read the entire post ‘What do I tell my journalism students about their future?’

Understand Your Market Before Integrating Your Online Marketing Channels

Author: Li Evans
li-evansLike in her books Li Evans looks at things from the audience perspective: don`t go sit on your own chair, sit on your potential client`s chair first. Her contribution tells you just that. And more!

Read the entire post ‘Understand Your Market Before Integrating Your Online Marketing Channels’

Integrated Marketing – From SEO to TV

Author: Andy Betts
andy-bettsAndy Betts takes a different approach: Whilst marketers get to grasps with the integration and holistic use of search, social, display, and digital marketing channels a huge challenge still faces many business owners, agencies, and CEO’s alike – integrating and optimizing talent.

Read the entire post ‘Integrated Marketing – From SEO to TV’

Integration of Marketing Channels

Author: Kristjan Mar Hauksson
kristjan-mar-haukssonKristjan takes the strategical angle when it comes to integration because, as he says himself, `Integrated multi channel marketing is not merely a technological issue.`. He shows us basic ways to integrate different marketing channels.

Read the entire post ‘Integration of Marketing Channels’


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