Interview with “chief web guy at Lenovo” Ajit Sivadasan, speaker at RIMC 2014

Interview with “chief web guy at Lenovo” Ajit Sivadasan, speaker at RIMC 2014

21st March 2014

Next week in Iceland RIMC 2014 kicks off. And this is a special year because organiser Kristjan Hauksson is going all the way to make it an event which everyone will remember. Next to the awards for the European Searchawards there will also be a group of great speakers present, most of them from big brands, because that is the setting this year: big brands.

State of Digital is a media partner and in the run up to the event we are talking to some of the speakers by asking them questions about their jobs, their talks and their expectations. You can read the interview with Jan Gronbech of Google here and the interview with viral video expert Matthias here. The next interview is with Ajit Sivadasan who is the VP/GM at Sales & Marketing. Or as he puts it: the ‘chief web guy at Lenovo’.


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How would you summarise your role?

Web evangelist…chief web guy at Lenovo….formal title is VP/GM I manage Lenovo’s global web strategy from online sales to marketing to all things web…for the most part! And with a lot of help from an incredibly talented team I have

What is the best part of your job?

Making believers out of skeptics……driving eCommerce in different parts of the world…now driving engagement marketing and big data concepts to amplify marketing

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What is it like working for a brand like yours?

Unbelievely fun and incredibly frustrating….fun because we have seen success and grown with the brand…frustrating because we can be doing do much more. Lenovo is a wonderful story that speaks to every entrepreneur and anyone who started small but with great passion and being inclusive. I am very excited about our future!

What other brands do you look at for learning?

We look at everyone that is interesting from a web and marketing standpoint. I personally like to look at frugal companies that do a great job with marketing in the digital space. I like brands that inspire us to do new things…Nike, GoPro, RedBull… many more…

What is the biggest change in digital you had to deal with?

The dramatic shifts in user adoption of smart phones, tablets and convertible form factors. This forced us to adopt adaptive designs much faster than what we anticipated. The whole optimization in the real time has picked up pace again and I remain optimistic that will move forward in line with my aspiration to be a fully measurable process

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RIMC-speaker-interview-Ajit-SivadasanWhat will you be talking about in Iceland at RIMC?

I will most certainly talk about aspects of this…..

What are you most looking forward to in Iceland?

Meeting a cool group of fellow marketing people and sharing ideas….I need a lot of help!

What is your top tip for succes in digital marketing?

Remain humble, be curious and never get complacent…..the field is going through so many interesting changes that you have to be on top it each and every minute. At the same time, one has to be careful in devising a clear strategy for what works for you and your organization…it can be overwhelming sometimes but prioritizing whats important is key for success

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