Interview with European ambassador at Acquisio Laurent Boninfante

Interview with European ambassador at Acquisio Laurent Boninfante

24th March 2014

This week in Iceland RIMC 2014 kicks off. And this is a special year because organiser Kristjan Hauksson is going all the way to make it an event which everyone will remember. Next to the awards for the European Searchawards there will also be a group of great speakers present, most of them from big brands, because that is the setting this year: big brands.

State of Digital is a media partner and in the run up to the event we are talking to some of the speakers by asking them questions about their jobs, their talks and their expectations. You can read the interview with Jan Gronbech of Google hereviral video expert Matthias here and  the ‘chief web guy at Lenovo’ Ajit Sivadasan here.

Now it is time for Laurent Boninfante, Managing Director in EMEA & Asia of Acquisio.


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How would you summarise your role?

As Managing Director in EMEA & Asia, I am the key representative of Acquisio in those regions. I meet with key partners and prospects, lead sales discussions as well as talk to the press and participate in conferences. I am also the European ambassador at Acquisio, helping the company understand key differences between Europe and our home market of North America. This allows us adapt our products and services accordingly, ultimately providing the best offering to our clients.

What is the best part of your job?

Undoubtedly, the best part of my job is working in such a fast-paced industry. Since I started in Search Engine Marketing twelve years ago, online advertising has changed radically. Twelve years ago I would never have thought that we’d get to a point where over a quarter of display advertising impressions in Europe would be bought on an auction model or that a social network based on 140 character updates would lead one of the largest IPOs? Online advertising is an exciting beast and Acquisio’s goal is to be at the forefront of these industry changes.

What is it like working for a brand like yours?

Incredibly dynamic! Acquisio has made a name for itself here in Europe. By constantly innovating and being a driver for change, we have defined ourselves as thought leaders. We launched Acquisio BBM, the only real-time PPC strategy that optimises bids and budgets every 30 minutes, and are now looking to make some serious noise in the Enterprise space.

What other brands do you look at for learning?

No specific examples come to mind. Personally, I am an avid consumer of news. Whether its topics such as online advertising, technology, or web developments, some companies inspire me and make me think, others give me a new context or perspective to view things through.

What is the biggest change in digital you had to deal with?

Personally, I feel Google impressive rise resulting in a near monopoly of search advertising in Europe has posed an interesting challenge throughout the years. From an Agency’s perspective, it meant adapting media buying strategies or client management practices quickly and efficiently, for example.

Around 2007, Advertisers took a serious interest in Ad technologies and started challenging their Agencies – why should they pay a trafficking cost blindly when they didn’t understand the technology’s offering and benefits? I felt this first-hand when I was Head of Search of Omnicom UK.

I think the next big change in digital will once again come from Advertisers, questioning why they should pay for non-flexible standard technology platforms that no longer suits their needs.  The desire for customisable solutions will be the future of search advertising platforms.

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What will you be talking about in Iceland at RIMC?

RIMC-speaker-interview-LaurentCo-speaking with James Harrower, Senior SEM Manager at Hilton Worldwide, I will be talking about how Hilton has been an early-adopter of Acquisio’s Enterprise Solution, a customisable platform-as-a-service (PAAS) option. We will show how they put together a network of partners and commissioned the build of a search solution that would integrate a variety of technologies and meet their business requirements. I will also present how Acquisio leveraged its own infrastructure and expertise to heavily customise its PPC Ad Technology for Hilton and how it will be a solution Acquisio will be offering to other clients.

What are you most looking forward to in Iceland?

Of course, I look forward to having engaging conversations around Digital Advertising and I wouldn’t mind coming back from the European Search Awards with an award too! But, first and foremost, I look forward to the fantastic welcome I know I will get from the Icelanders! It is such a friendly country.

What is your top tip for success in digital marketing?

Don’t accept the status quo and don’t be afraid of change. In such a fast-paced environment, you can only thrive if you adapt quickly.

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Are you going?

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