Interview with Manuel da Costa, Founder of Conversion World
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Interview with Manuel da Costa, Founder of Conversion World

1st March 2016

Manuel da CostaAhead of this year’s Conversion World taking place on the 19th and 20th April , Laura Crimmons interviews the event’s founder Manuel da Costa to find out more about the online conference.

Why should people attend Conversion World?

“Conversion World is a one of it’s kind online conference aimed at conversion optimisation, user experience, web analytics, and business growth. People who are enthusiastic about learning how to grow their online businesses or those of their clients should attend simply because of the sheer amount of knowledge that they will pick up. The speakers are experts in their field with years of experience and it’s an ideal platform to pick up new ideas and learn new strategies.”

What kind of audience will attend Conversion World?

“We have a range of people attending Conversion World. From solo business owners to digital marketing or ecommerce managers from some of the largest companies around the world. It also attracts a lot of Conversion Optimisers, both in-house and agency side. PPC & SEO consultants tend to attend Conversion World to upskill their knowledge and future proof their career.”

Tell us a bit about the speakers at Conversion World?

“The speakers are highly rated experts in Conversion Rate Optimisation with years of experience behind them. This year we have Susan Weinschenk (known as the brain lady) as one of the speakers who is a highly respected expert in the User Experience and Psychology field.

“Other notable speakers are Jim Sterne, a data analytics expert who also runs the Digital Analytics Association. The list of speakers is too big to list in this answer but there is a healthy mix of agency side and client side experts. The key thing to note is all of our speakers practice what they talk about. There’s no theory here. Just practical and actionable content.”

A selection of speakers from Conversion World 2016

What makes Conversion World stand out from other conferences?

“The conference is completely online. In this day and age, conferences are not a cheap affair. With ticket prices soaring past $1500-$2000 and that is before we count travel, accommodation and meals. Add the time away from work to the cost and it is a big commitment.

“Conversion World, being completely online, allows people to attend from anywhere in the world. If they can’t make all sessions (we have around 10 hours of talks each day), they also get the videos at the end so they can watch and rewatch. Our online chat allows users to engage and communicate with people all around the world who they may have not met otherwise.”

Why did you decide on an online conference?

“I have a confession to make. I love travelling for conferences in different countries and meeting new people. So it’s a bit counterintuitive that I would set up an online conference.

“Whenever I’d return from conferences, my clients or peers would always comment on the fact that they’re never able to commit to travelling to conferences due to work or family. Moreover, they don’t get a chance to see some of the highly rated speakers.

“The idea of a virtual conference – Conversion World emerged and the main aim was to help people to be able to attend no matter where they were in the world and learn from the best in the industry. This worked well in our first year as we saw people attending from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America where there aren’t many CRO conferences.”


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Laura Crimmons is the founder of Silverthorn, a Digital PR agency that fuses data with creativity to deliver campaigns that give you measurable results.
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