Is retargeting and re-marketing for you – #SESLondon

Is retargeting and re-marketing for you – #SESLondon

21st February 2012

Re Targeting is one of the growing marketing strategies and the two speakers were both very knowledgeable.

Guy Levine from Return on Digital

Guy started by saying yes definitely and he went on to share about how it works and case studies.

The basics:
It’s a simple way to connect with users based on past interactions with your website
Integrated into Adwords
Person visits your website a tracking cookie is dropped. A user leaves the site and visits other sites on the web. You then show them banner ads and paid search adverts. User then clicks on the ads and comes back and makes a purchase.

Technology Options
1) Remarketing campaign within your Google Adwords account

• Quick to setup
• Adwords reporting is easy to use
• CPC model is Genius

• Limited to Google network of sites
• Limits ad design technologies

2) Use Chango or others

• Network of sites is far greater
• Run dynamic personalised ads
• Typically better CTR
• No Real negatives

How do you do it?

Add tracking code to your website. It will start building your audience lists. Once you are up to 500 your ads will start to display. Image ads with eye catching message work far better than text ads.

What you need to know:

• The more targeted the traffic will be the better the response will be. Tag people that have looked at 3 pages or more.
• Think of your best time to remarket. Timing is key. For travel you might find your re-targeting model kicks in after 9 months.
• Start building your remarketing lists now even if you don’t intend to use the straight away.
• Have set lifespans for your lists. A few weeks gets annoying longer than that affects the brand.
• Get your ads authorised in advance it takes 2 weeks for Google to approve the ads
• Use lots of create designs to prevent banner burnout. People get frustrated with ads following them around.
• Combine your lists to make cool combinations use this to remove people that have already purchased
• Once ads have been placed weed out sites you don’t want to go on to

Re-marketing Innovation

• Ads with a low call to action can be used to build the brand for free
• Do you have more than one site? Add codes on each and remarket against them.
• Create lists for time of year
• Use Facebook to drive certain demographic visitors that drives to a specific land pages tag them and use Google remarketing
• Send remarketing ads to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter for social engagement
• You can set up specific remarketing lists based on signup and purchases.
• Create a list based on customers with a gmail account then target that list to get more customer reviews.

Dax Hamman from Chango

Yes in most cases it is right for you. He does feel that people are measuring search retargeting incorrectly though and possibly overstating the ROI. What typically happens is people switch on a re-targeting campaign see good results then overspend. What you are doing though is that you are paying for that customer twice.

Don’t be a stalker. His mum has worked out that an abandoned basket will result in a 20% discount coupon in her gmail, if she’s worked it out most people have. The number 7 is a good benchmark, typically run 7 impressions a day per user for 7 days. Any more than that is stalking.

Why does this work? SEM marketing targets users with specific intent. Re-targeting works because you’re marketing to people with a specific need not just shouting at them.
There is a very good Infographic at which shows the different types of re-targeting. You can also retarget using a 1px image in an email to cookie them.

Search retargeting is a leaky funnel SEM channel. You can use search retargeting to target people that have not chosen you and hijack the discovery phase of the process.

You will need to answer the attribution question as to how it affects incremental revenue. You can set order ids against both the paid search and retargeting and compare the lists to get the value of the overlap.

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