Is this the new “Google +1”? Leaked screenshot might indicate more

Is this the new “Google +1”? Leaked screenshot might indicate more

8th December 2010

We’ve been talking about “Google Me” several times before here on State of Search and almost always it has been ‘guessing’ about what it would be. Sure, we’ve seen some of the new social layers popping up, like social sitelinks, hotpot and “shared by“. But we’ve never seen the real “Google Me”, which is expected in spring 2011.

Last week it became clear that the internal name used for the project was no longer Google Me but “Google +1”. But still we didn’t have a clear idea of what it would be. But today Techcrunch received a screenshot which very well might be what we can expect from “Google +1”.

full size here

There are a few indications which show this could really be it. The “confidential” button on top of the page is one of them. Techcrunch confirmed with a source that it really came from Google.

Looking at the screenshot, what we can see is that it is a “Google News”page we are seeing. The most catchy when it comes to the social aspect off course is the “share” button on top next to where the login name is displayed. The Share button is followed by a number which indicates a share count (the +1).

What does Google have to say about this? They are playing the perfect role again by telling TechCrunch:

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve our products, and we have already confirmed that we are focused on incorporating social elements across Google. But we have nothing new to announce at this time.”

To be honest, if this is really “it” Google is not really going social again… But it might be one of the next layers we will be seeing.

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