Kenshoo release v2.0 of their Social Marketing Suite

Kenshoo release v2.0 of their Social Marketing Suite

15th February 2013

Last week, Kenshoo released version 2.0 of their social media software platform Kenshoo Social 2.0.

Built on the Kenshoo Universal Platform the social marketing suite contains campaign management and social optimisation tools and a new feature using Facebook Exchange (FBX).

Facebook exchange was launched in September 2012 allowing advertisers to use real-time bidding to buy social network ads so this alone makes Kenshoo 2.0 a Social Media Management tool to be reckoned with.

Social Management Tools

You just have to know how to separate the good impressions from the bad. With rich targeting options and unique ad formats, social networks deliver highly valuable inventory to reach lucrative audiences and convert them to customers – KenshooSocial blog

The new suite contains

  • Campaign Management Tools
  • An ad-creation wizard for Facebook campaigns.
  • Split testing capability/Ad permutations
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Landing Page Tab support
  • Facebook Exchange Management.

Kenshoo Social also enables you to:

  • Create, plan and launch sophisticated campaigns in minutes
  • Select from the latest social media types
  • Effectively plan campaigns to reach your target audience
  • Select all Facebook categories, interests and demographics
  • Apply and re-use custom structures
  • Monitor and revert all changes
  • Customise views
  • Schedule Future campaign updates, use dayparting and pausing for underperforming ads
  • Automate bid rules, review approve and auto-accept bid change recommendations
  • Manage large sophisticated campaigns
  • Integrate with back end systems and track multiple channels

There is also global coverage, mobile and tablet support, use of Facebook Specific Algorithms and measurement for a whole load of KPIs.

If that wasn’t enough, the reporting covers, media channels, placements, path to conversion, geo targets and allows you to see the impact of paid media interaction to determine ROI and help you drive further engagement.

For a full list of features and benefits – visit Kenshoo Social

or read the #driveresults press release.


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