Keyword Modelling Analysis with Bill Hunt

Keyword Modelling Analysis with Bill Hunt

19th February 2013

Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board; President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Seasoned Speaker Bill Hunt is always a pleasure to listen to. Loads of slides and a huge amount of useful information for how to think about Keywords, targetting value and making sure that your budgets are being used wisely.

Starting with the example of a keyword targeting fail whilst looking for a Wine Cooler that held 50 bottles, the SERPS brought a whole manner of listings that consumers then have to trawl through again to find the best match.

This is Bill’s blueprint of how to undertake your Keyword Analysis effectively.

bill-hunt-keyword-modellingBrainstorming Ideas

1)      Brainstorm – where do you want ot be found?

2)      Make a list of your products services and categories

3)      What are the purchase cycle phases for your business? – find people in the right phase of the buying cycle

4)      What do your current customers search for when trying to find your product – use liveperson – pass the word – ASK

5)      What terms are currently driving visits to your site (Analytics)

6)      What are people currently searching for  on our site – these are people that assume you make or offer something – how many people come from paid search and go into site search because the landing pages were far too narrow

Generate an initial keyword list

  • Keyword Strategy Worksheet exercise
  • Keyword Categorisation> Description > Answer
  • How would you categorise this word, brand name ?
  • Why they did a query does not mateh our business objectives
  • How important is this to our business – VERY
  • Mine your pages for keywords (automated)

Google Keyword Suggestion

  • Do not use every keyword that they suggest
  • Use exact matches
  • Prioritise budgets – maybe your spending on a big awareness word LCD TV – if you’re trying to sell parts and serial numbers

Advanced Keyword Modelling

  • Trying to understand the mind of the customer – the are looking for something specific
  • Understand the voice of the consumer
  • Informational queries where searchers want something specific
  • Complete a specific action ie buy a flight
  • Opportunity sales or conversion + customer satisfaction

Understanding Searchers

There is usually a waste of opportunity

Puchase cycle with intent

  • Researching product use and information
  • Looking for features and functions – serve up a video or content that explains
  • Comparing brands
  • Looking for discounts  57 different variations looking for the discount code
  • Have they already purchased?

Missed Opportunity buy Buy Cycle

  • Brand, Branded Technology, Technology
  • People searching for their product name or name of that model were putting together an IT purchase sheet
  • Massive missed opportunity was up on generating awareness and not for the buying cycle
  • Segment your words

Design Phase

  • IT managers who are design systems
  • Stencils were on a logn page of all stencils vs merchandising pages
  • The type of stencil helps understand the audience and size of company
  • Identify what people are looking for related to your business

Product Audience Segments & Personas

  • Identify words to specifically target and hone in on
  • Use Buy Cycle Modifiers
  • 26 different ways to say buy or purchase in the English language

Coupon Codes

The case study used found 57 ways people were searching for the google coupon code – other sites tell you about the coupon codes

  • Offer a code to track how many people want discounts
  • Capture them for social media
  • Sort by Margins – where do o make the most money
  • Words that help us isolate a specific opportunity interest audience or need
  • Segment by features, fuction, types, anything that allows you to understand the searcher’s mindset
  • 75% of all queries had a formula of clothing type+ shapewear (eg shaping thongs) – this did not sell until they showed the thong part
  • Re do the site that allows people to connect with what they are looking for
  • Missed Opportunity Matrix
  • Traffic and relevance
  • Get the traffic from organic at x CPC

Mining for Opportunities

Bad Snippets for top ranked words

List of all the products you used to sell – searches per month for products they don’t sell – all support pages – so if ranking #1 then you want to do something with those cards – 10% 50,000 visits – 400k revenue in 60 days

Upsell to new products

Alignment to Social Media

The social media teams are taking our SEO budgets!

  • Add tier 1 keywords to social media monitoring
  • Understand the sentiment of keywords
  • Understand the context of words
  • Compare search volume – conversations and conversions
  • Identify other forms of advertising

Combine search and social data

People were talking about deals 45 days before people put up any offers, modes of travel, destinations – safety, insurance

  • What are Authority sites?
  • How authoritative are you?
  • Paid and organic ROI review


  • Understand the intent of the user queries
  • Understand the real performance of keywords
  • Understand the context of keywords
  • Classify keywords in logical segments to enable classification and mnodeling
  • Do anything other than just collecting data in excel

Photos of Day 1 on G+


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