Landing Page Optimisation – SES New York 2012 #SESNY

Landing Page Optimisation – SES New York 2012 #SESNY

22nd March 2012

Standout sessions from Day 2 were a series of talks on landing pages and conversion with Bryan Eisenberg as both speaker and moderator. Both sessions were spilling out of the doors with so many people eager to learn about conversion optimisation and of course to listen to Bryan both inspire us and force us to start taking conversion action!

Some of the info was previously covered in the state of search conversion conference wrap up so be sure to check it out!


Landing Page Optimization – Nathan Richter – Monetate

Using real examples of retail conversion improvements, Nathan Richter shared with us his tips and tactics to improve conversion.

  • Consistency – message, image, merchandise – average conversion improvement of 5%-20%
  • Product Badging –  Up to 55% conversion impact
  • Promotional Testing – up to 150% conversion
  • International Geo-Target Messaging – up to 100% conversion improvement
  • Communicating Success – Priceless!

This was a pretty visual session, so it is impossible to post all of the images, but there are many resources on slide share based around the landing page area

Top 10 Tips for Mobile Landing Pages – Angie Schottmuller, SEWatch Strategist and Founder, Interactive Artisan

With 4 billion people using mobile or smart phones in the world and the estimate that by 2013 more people will use mobile phones than PC’s to go online – optimising landing pages for mobile is becoming increasingly important.

According to Angie, 90% of mobile phone searchers act within 24hours and 70% within one hour. Are you giving them what they need to act?

Landing Page Criteria:

  • Identify what the user will get
  • Visualise why the user will love it
  • Explain how the user will get it


10 Best Practices for optimising mobile phone landing pages:

40% of mobile users going to a competitor after a bad mobile experience. That’s a huge number, so optimise your mobile landing pages using the best practices below:

  • Nip accessibility issues in the bud – flash and frames are not your friend
  • Be Fast – be lightweight – speed comes from size of the page (less than 20Kb) – check your site with W3C
  • Be orderly with layout – go through steps, group content and use a single column. Make sure content is prioritised and put call to action in prominent place
  • Be Brief – 50% of everything you are going to present should be cut in half! Just use the most important factors, use images to put across more information
  • Be legible without zooming – 16 pixels is a good minimum factor – make sure your contrast is right – make sure you can see the action
  • Be Call friendly – the #1 action across mobile is making a call. Set up click to Call, include a phone icon, style the link as a button, include a call to action
  • Be Thumb Friendly – thumbs and fat fingers! Are the target areas that you want people to click on too close – does the user have to zoom in?
  • Be local – from a wifi mobile device location is key, Personalise the local experience.
  • Be form simple – 7 fields or less – the fewer fields you have the better for mobile forms. Qualify fields; can you get by with minimal information?
  • Be action compelling – one page, on purpose, the action should be the users primary goal (directions, call, watch video, like) – the primary action should be the button and colour plays a factor – whatever the dominant colour is on the page, make your button the opposite on the colour wheel.


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