Linkdex to announce game-changing feature: link “Timeline” shows latest link efforts

Linkdex to announce game-changing feature: link “Timeline” shows latest link efforts

6th April 2011

There is a new tool in town. In the past few months Linkdex has been slowly but surely conquering the search world. And they’ve been surprising SEOs around with their functionalities. I myself got the opportunity to play with the tool and will post an extensive review on that tomorrow.

The people from Linkdex however also gave me an opportunity to get a sneak preview of their newest feature. And I was impressed enough to make a small post about that here. Linkdex will be offering a feature which will allow you to see which links were build in the a specific period. This means you will be able to for example see how your competitor is doing or how hard your agency is working for you.

The feature is already working ‘behind closed doors’, so some existing users will be able to get the feature working in the coming period.

To get an accurate overview Linkdex indexes Majestic data for the two different dates, filters them and looks at what is different. With the tool you can then see the links and act on them if necessary.

Linkdex already uses its own crawling technology to visit, clean, segments and profiles link sources suggested by Majestic. It can now repeat the process every 30 days and report on what is different. For example, with the tool you can filter to just see the new links found over the last 30 days and act on them if necessary.

Linkdex’ Matt Roberts is very excited about the feature:

“We live in a world where phrases like ‘innovation’ and ‘game-changing’ are used everyday, but we think that such phrases can be used to describe this link timeline feature. Our link-building intelligence and competitive analysis has been welcomed by the industry, but adding a time series element to the information makes it incredibly valuable – especially to companies who are in competitive sectors.”

Tomorrow I will post an extensive review of the Linkdex tool, with a trial option.


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