This is a demo of the system of Linkdex, made during the Tools Week 2013.

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Q&A Linkdex

From minute 19 on there is a Q&A with Matt Roberts about Linkdex. The highlights of that Q&A you can read here:


From minute 23 the talk was about ‘Influence’, which is a big part of Linkdex’ newest features: looking at and working with influence. They try to look at influence in a different way. The actual “influencer” is someone who changes behaviour. Influence only really happens if what is done by using the influence means reaching an objective.

Retweets, likes etcetera are metrics are important, but more important is passion and friends. If someone has a passion, the people he or she knows might share (part) of that interest. Linkdex tries to find out how people really work. They not just care about Klout scores but also how much people care about certain topics, how engaged they are.

The question was whether or not Linkdex could look at influence in every industry. Roberts says they can. Now matter how niche it is.

In terms of social networks they mainly look at Twitter, but also G+, Facebook and Linkedin and extending that list.

The filters they are using also help finding authors in big niches, like fashion, and then filter them down to who writes about what.

How easy is it?

(From minute 28)

The way it works is fairly easy but Matt explains that when finding the right authors it is also a little bit important to know something about the industry you are targeting. The more you know already of what companies are important, the bigger the chance it returns better results. It is what they call the ‘worlds best author’.

What’s coming next

(From minute 33)

What will be next for Linkdex? This will be better visualisation of data. To understand social networks and how authors interact you have to visualise it. You need to know why you are talking to someone and not to someone else.


(From minute 35)

We asked Matt Roberts about rankings: is there still a future in rankings with all the developments in the past year? Linkdex is client driven. Pulling ranking data would mean the clients are not happy.

Ranking is not going away. It may change through time, but not anytime soon. Search people also want to build ranking data in to how they report.

Type of clients

(From minute 37.5)

What is the type of clients that should be using Linkdex? If you are into marketing more related to content and network Linkdex is an interesting party. It is very fit for doing higher quality outreach Linkdex is interesting to check out.


(From minute 39)

For the data processing they do its reasonable, Matt knows of more expensive platforms but points out the value they are providing. “People are pleasantly surprised”

Where does Linkdex fit in to competitors? What kind of tools are comparable?

(From minute 39.50)

2,5 years it was Moz or Raven, people are now asking how they compare to Brightedge and Covario. Roberts feels different however, they head where the market is heading. They are comfortable with big data. Linkdex does more than the standard search features with features you can’t get anywhere else. They are sufficiently different now.

How does Linkdex work

(From minute 41)

They have a US team and a London based team. The important thing for SAS platforms is human contact. Giving people a login and hoping they get along well is not the way they want to work. Matt and his account managers try to be in touch with clients all the time to improve the tool.


(From Minute 42)

They have offices in New York and London, but they have client all over Europe and the rest of the World. They are a global question.

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linkdex_logo-largeAbout Linkdex

Get in touch

You can get in touch via their website or via e-mail: [email protected]

Book a demo

You can book a personal demo here.

Main features

Linkdex has an overview of features on their website. Their main target areas are:

Search Engine Optimization
PR & Outreach
Social Media & Campaigns
Content Marketing

More detailed topics are:
Market Audits
Asset Optimization
Content 360
Campaign Management
Reporting & Analysis
Geo-Rank Tracking
Linkdex Data
Influential Author Data
Social Circles


Some clients of Linkdex are:
MoneySupermarket, Thomson, Razorfish, Mediacom, Expedia Affiliate Network and Blue Rubicon


Some videos around Linkdex:

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