Tools Week Presentation Demo: LinkResearchTools

Tools Week Presentation Demo: LinkResearchTools

7th March 2013

During the State of Search Tools Week we are doing several demo’s from tools, in this one Christoph Cemper of LinkResearchTools gave his demo of the product and took the time to answer questions afterwards, which you can also listen to in the video below.

After the video there is information about what was said in the Q&A so you can skip directly to the part you find interesting. Below more information on LinkResearchTools


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Q&A LinkResearchTools

From minute 40 on there is a Q&A with Christoph Cemper from LinkResearchTools, who took his time to answer questions. Just a few remarks from the Q&A (will be expanded later):

Cemper Metrics

Christoph explained in his presentation that they have developed a ‘Cemper Trust’. The question was “How is the Cemper metrics assigned? Such as Cemper Trust?””

According to Christoph it can be compared to Pagerank when it comes to link volume and in a way it is similar to Google Trustrank, but it looks at more in depth metrics and is thus more trustworthy.

Credits/ Prices

The question was asked: “I noticed that you had credits by each report. How many credits does a report take?”

Christoph’s answer was that it depends. The more data, the more expensive it gets, you can start of really cheap, but the more you want, the more you pay.

Average type user

The tool started off as a tool for data geeks but has developed into a tool which is now used by many on a different level. If you want to get the most out of the tool however you need to have some ‘love’ for data and want to dive into the tool.

Data from external sources.

Question: “Link Research Tools seems to plug in to all the big data providers (Majestic, OSE, Systrix etc). Which of these have you found to give the best data for Link Research Tools to analyse?”

Answer: The plugins are made for the clients that want everything, so therefore the best of all external data providers is collected so the user can choose themselves.

Competition: in which range of tools can LinkResearchTools be placed

Christoph explains that he started building the tool because there wasn’t a tool who did it all. If he looks around the existing tools he still doesn’t see another tool that does what LinkResearchTools does, so it is the most complete tool out there.

About LinkResearchTools

Released in 2010, the Link Research Tools are so far the only crawling tool that provides qualified link data in real time from over 22 sources. The toolkit supports a broad scope in SEO analysis from quick backlink checks to very deep competitive landscape or link prospect research. Customized reports are created based on your keyword, topic and language. Owing to the fast processing speed, the Link Research Tools are the tools that many top SEO professionals swear on.

Need more information? Visit their website:

Get a free trial

Are you already suffering and can’t wait to try the Link Research Tools suite for yourself? Take the chance and get a free trial or compare their various packages here.

Get in touch

You can get in touch via their website or meet Christoph C. Cemper at IonSearch, where he hosts the workshop “Deep Dive into Spammy Links with Link Research Tools“ and speaks on the “Link Removal and Google Penalties” panel.

Become a LRT Superstar

If you would like to learn that little “extra” from Christoph C. Cemper and his team you better get your seat for their brand new classroom training. Or do you want to miss the opportunity to create awesome case studies and research proposal like they did for Interflora?

You can book their classroom training here.


LinkResearchTools is trusted by the world’s most respected brands:
Adobe, bwin, CBS, eBay, Intel, Yahoo, MTV, Swarovski and many more.

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