Looking at the why of the Semantic Web

Looking at the why of the Semantic Web

22nd August 2011

The “Semantic Web”, a term much used, but not much understood. Why do we even bother using it in the first place? Because in the end, it does make sence. At least, the ‘why’ behind the Semantic Web makes sense. And maybe we won’t be using the term that much, Semantic Web is coming. Just look at the user intent many search engines are now trying to ‘grab’.

The documentary below (found through Mashable) gives a good insight in the idea behind the Semantic Web. This video was actually made by a student, Kate Ray, who interviewed several people to get an insight in the Semantic Web.

If you were just getting a sandwich for lunch, I’d suggest you start up this video while eating your sandwich!

Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.


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