Majestic SEO now Supports 9 Languages

Majestic SEO now Supports 9 Languages

1st March 2013

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Majestic SEO is now available in 9 Languages:

  •  French, 
  • German, 
  •  Italian, 
  • Chinese, 
  • Russian, 
  • Polish, 
  • Brazilian Portuguese, 
  • Spanish…
  • and English

” Developing and maintaining a site if this scale in multiple languages has been an interesting challenge. The first challenge was to rebuild our site architecture to be able to handle language files. We develop too fast to be able to translate every upgrade into 9 languages, so you need to be able to launch nimbly but handle language files independently. Just getting that right was hard.

Next comes a process. Every time we add or change the site, translation files (we call the delta files) build up with anomalies of English fields/words that have changed since we last upgraded the language files. We can then put delta files into the translation process and make this independent if the function development cycle.

It’s quite a process.” – Dixon Jones – Majestic SEO

The 9 Languages

Screen-Shot-languagesEnglish remains the default language of Majestic SEO, but the other language versions can be found here:

There is a system coming to allow you to default to your language preference when you use the majestic interface and it should not be too long.

Language Translations

Majestic went all out to translate the different language versions announced today and had to rebuild the entire site to handle the language files. Help came from as well as the Majestic SEO Ambassadors for helping with local definitions and industry specific keywords.

As with all translations, it may not be perfect initially, but Majestic ask for feedback if you see any errors within the various pages.

Read more at the Majestic SEO Blog

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