‘Majestic Million’ ranks the top 1 million websites based on links: co.cc wins

‘Majestic Million’ ranks the top 1 million websites based on links: co.cc wins

19th May 2011

There was a time when tools were simply tools and once you would have made them that would be it. Updates would hardly be made. In this time in which things go faster and faster tools tend to send out updates monthly or even weekly. Majestic SEO for example has been evolving a lot since they started, and with success. The tool to use when you are looking to dive into backlinks has now released its latest feature: Majestic Million.

Majestic Million is a list of all the websites you can imagine, based on the number of back links they have. You can then specify which sites you want to see in a list and you can off course see where your own site is ranked.

Here is the general list of Majestic: Interestingly enough you can see co.cc and co.tv beat Facebook and Google when it comes to backlinks.

Dixon Jones of Majestic is proud of the new feature as he explains how the lists work:

“It ranks the top 1 million websites in order of how many other websites talk about (link to) them. It is updated daily but we are testing updates of several times a day. The winners and the losers are listed in the left hand column, he two right hand columns show the number of domains found linking to the site over the last 30 days of crawling and the combined links from within those domains found within 30 days respectively.”

Majestic gives some nice extra’s to the lists. For example users have the ability to compare up to 10 sites side by side. It is then easy to compare, either your site or someone else’s, to other websites. Majestic also gives out badges of honor. These badges (see ours below (if its well updated), we need to do some linkbuilding!) shows either how many referring domains that you have for your website or shows you how you are ranked. The badges use Majestic’s ‘Fresh’ index and the statistics they show will be updated inline with index updates.

View ranking information about stateofdigital.com in the Majestic Million.
What ELSE can you do with the Majestic Million?

The ability to compare sites side by side

You are not limited to analysing one site at a time. You can choose ten and compare. So we saw that the BBC was JUST beating the New York Times by chance as they were beside each other in the list, but let’s compare: the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post, Technorati and the Huffington post. The data may change from day to day – but right now you can see that comparison below in a screenshot of THIS LINK.

Badges of honour

Why might the Majestic Million be useful?

* An easy way to quickly assess the relative importance of a website

* An international metric, as we crawl from all over the world

* A sign of trust

* A way to see changing patterns over time.

Who might use the Majestic Millions?

* PR agencies to highlight the success of campaigns

* Business analysts to analyse market penetration and share

* Site owners to establish trust with their audience

So – looks interesting? Useful as part of your link development toolkit?  Let us know your feedback – try it yourself here.

Also, a big well done to Paul Gailey who win the prize from my last post, linkbuilding tactics, tools and traps, by correctly guessing the name of Dixon’s rather esoteric looking sports car – a pilgrim bulldog.  Hoorah!


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Claire Carlile is a Chartered Marketer with an MSc in Marketing, living and working in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. As a self confessed ‘non technical’ SEO, Claire takes a holistic and marketing led approach to SEO. She is self-employed.
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