Majestic opens Fresh Index for Free Users

Six months ago keyword research tool Majestic SEO announced they were “now able to find fresh back links within 24 hours“. That meant they were speeding up things.

Since than a lot has changed and Majestic has become even faster. That results in the announcement by Majestic that they are letting ALL users get full link data for their own sites from Majestics Fresh Index. Until now non-paying users could only get reports for their own sites from the historic index.

Majestic SEO explains why they are making this change:

“There are two reasons. The first is that we closely monitor good and bad comments about Majestic SEO around the world as any self respecting brand should strive to do. Whilst we find our customers generally think we have the strongest link data in the world, it seems there is a significant minority that felt our data contained lots of dead links. Maybe two years ago that was true, but not since the launch of our Fresh Index. When we analyzed who was saying this, it was typically one of two types of people. Those that used the “Historic” index because it simply showed higher link counts without considering the quality advantages of the more modern fresh index or more often people who were not paying customers who had little choice but to look at the historic index. Clearly, free users data for free is intended to help users like what we have – so not giving users the good stuff just wasn’t clever. So now even free subscribers get the best 🙂

The other reason was to stop a trend. We are noticing that since the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer, many services are battening down the hatches and making their data harder to access. We wanted to go the other way.”

How to get free link report

Majestic also explains how to get the free link report:

1: You need to first be registered and logged in to a free (or paid) account. That is simply a case of verifying your email. Paid accounts can still get reports for their own sites without these reports coming out of your paid subscription.

2: Type your own site’s URL into the search bar and then click on one of the scroll (report) symbols on the page of results.

You will then be asked whether you own the site and if so you will be given the opportunity to get the report for free.

From there you will be given a verification file which you will need to upload to your root directory to prove that the site is yours to manage.

Once Verified you will be able to run the reports for your site – both Standard and Advanced.

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3 thoughts on “Majestic opens Fresh Index for Free Users

  1. So what are the advantages of keeping a paid account? This must mean that there will be additional benefits and extra features will be on the way. I use Majestic quite a lot and have been impressed with the data recently.

  2. Hi Keith,

    The main advantage of having a paid account is to get full data on your competitors as well as take full advantage of such tools such as Site Explorer.

    Our paid subscribers will also benefit from this change because it will no longer be necessary to use subscription resources to build fresh index reports for your own sites.

    If you have any more questions then by all means please do not hesitate to use contact form on our site.

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