Majestic SEO Announces Hourly Updates for Link Reports

Majestic SEO Announces Hourly Updates for Link Reports

22nd October 2012

Not content with having the largest link map on the planet (todays news is that the Majestic fresh index is fast approaching 200 BILLION URL’s) – Majestic SEO also want to have the fastest.

Announced this week at Pubcon Las Vegas, Majestic SEO announced that their  fresh index data is now updated hourly so webmasters can see their data much sooner than before.

Historic vs Fresh, API & Reporting

The historic index will still be updated monthly and the fresh index is going to be updated hourly or sooner  – the image below shows updates within minutes. This is going to become more important to track progress of links or to track recent news.

Although the API access and reporting will be rolled out, data is available in the Site Explorer as of last week. Trust and Citation flow metrics may not update as quickly due to the huge amount of processing power required to accomplish the hourly updates but it is only a matter of time.


Examples of the new Fresh Index Data

New and lost links data is now live so you can see in almost real time links (as far as this sort of data goes).  The majestic blog post shows data from a BBC news update that went live on the 16th October showing links in the fresh index the same day or both new and deleted links. Pretty Impressive stuff.

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