Majestic SEO Announces ‘Keyword Checker’

Majestic SEO Announces ‘Keyword Checker’

30th July 2012

Majestic SEO has announced the launch of new functionality ‘Keyword Checker‘. As from today you will be able to type a keyword into the Majestic SEO homepage instead of a URL.  Also being launched is the ‘Bulk Keyword Checker’ function – allowing you to add hundreds or keywords and view on screen or export metrics as a CSV file.

If you have a Majestic SEO Subscription, – once live, the new tab will appear in between the ‘Site Explorer’ and ‘Link Profile Fight’ tabs.

What does the Keyword Checker Do?

Once you have searched for your keyword phrase or keywords, you will be able to see:

  • The number of times the Keyword or Key Phrase was found InAnchor.
  • The number of times the Keyword or Key Phrase was found InTitle.
  • The number of times that the Keyword or Key Phrase was found InURL (only available for Phrase Matches).
  • The number of times the Keyword or Key Phrase was found both InAnchor and InTitle.

The keyword checker will show phrase match and broad match data based on a dictionary generated from the Majestic SEO backlink indexes. Using the examples that Majestic are using on their announcement blog post, you can see the data for flight tickets, airline tickets and flight prices side by side below:

How useful is this data?

The ability to see how competitive key phrases are in Organic results is invaluable for SEOs. Data of this kind used to be available in some search engines but was removed. Majestic have said “we assume it was deemed too valuable for the general SEO public to have.” As such, SEO’s have relied on Paid Search keyword tools to benchmark and make an assessment of how competitive a phrase may be, or which phrase may be seen as the most ‘important.

It is currently not possible to drill down into the information to see the actual domains that use the keywords but it is definitely on Majestic’s Wishlist! However, Majestic have created a ‘Volume Score’ – a 1-100 scale for each phrase showing how often they believe any given phrase is searched for.

It is going to be interesting to see how this data can be used in conjunction with Paid search data to establish where to best use budgets for which keywords and where to blend channels effectively.

Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of Majestic SEO said:

“By adding the ability to search by keyword, Majestic SEO has really signalled the start of a whole new era in its lifecycle. I think that people forget at times that in order to know where every link is on the internet, we first have to crawl the whole internet… not JUST the links. Storing the whole internet and trying to copy Google would not be a realistic business model, but we do want to open up this data to let our customers start to use it in different ways and for different things. I hope this is the start of that metamorphosis.”

See the Majestic SEO Keyword Checker interface below – the number of keywords you can check at once depends on your subscription level. For more details – see the Majestic SEO Blog

Majestic SEO Keyword Checker


Majestic SEO Bulk Keyword Checker


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