Majestic SEO Announces Link Tracking Over Time

Majestic SEO Announces Link Tracking Over Time

22nd August 2012

Launched this week, a new Majestic Link Tracking report brings back tailored reporting and allows you to track link characteristics such as Citation Flow and Trust flow over time for any URL or website.

The new link report is updated daily, which means that you will be able to see a change in the metrics over a period of time, and as always you can export the data into a CSV file. The Majestic SEO blog also suggests that the data is also more accurate when it comes to back links and referring domain counts.

Powerful Stuff and another great addition to the Majestic Toolbox!

Flow & Link Metrics over time

The new reporting interface (below) will enable you to follow link quality so you can see if SERPS have changed due to good or bad links

Majestic have also created a graphical history report similar in style to the renowned backlink history checker . The chart (below) will plot data points as soon as you start using the report.

Tracking will only start when you request it which means there will be more variables  available than in the backlink checker for example, that checks all data all the time.

The third type of report (below) contains an analytics style dashboard comparing the previous days report. handy red and green arrows mean that you can see at-a-glance if there are link quality issues.


Historical Data

The link report is a new feature, as such it will not be possible to ‘backdate’ the info. The Majestic SEO announcement states:

“…the data does not go back for five years. In addition, people only care about a fraction of URLs on the web, so it only makes sense to start tracking over time when you know you want it. We then store that data especially for you – which means it is attached to your account status. “


You don’t have to break the bank as this addition is available for all paid subscriptions – for more details visit: Majestic


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