Majestic SEO Site Explorer is now Free for Verified Domains
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Majestic SEO Site Explorer is now Free for Verified Domains

11th June 2013

Good news for all you link data fans out there! Majestic SEO is announcing that Majestic Site Explorer is now going to be free for verified domains even if you are not a paid user.

Majestic also plan to remove restrictions for paid customers, give free users some additional benefits and they’ve updated the interface too!

Hopefully – with Google’s Webmaster Tools and Majestic’s Webmaster tools syncing with just a couple of clicks, this new addition for free users will prove extremely popular. Useful AND free… and on a timely additional note, that’s combined with no personal tracking!” – Dixon Jones – MajesticSEO

New Benefits for Free Users

Free users have always been able to view their own backlink data. However,  allowing access to the Site Explorer functionality means that faster and with more data including:

  • Crawl Dates
  • Breakdown of Anchor Text with link drilldown
  • Re-directions
  • Flow Metric Data (MajesticSEO’s own Page Rank/Importance/Trust Scoring system)
  • New LIinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Geo & visual Map of where top links are hosted

Use is restricted to the first 3000 links but for small business, this is ample to find out what is happening with your website and backlink data. You can view your data on a daily basis and see who may or may not be affecting your brand and give you the data to start making or breaking relationships.

New Benefits for Paid Users

Paid users also get some extra benefits – MajesticSEO are now allowing unlimited use of the Site Explorer Tool (fair usage applies). Gold and Platimum users will still see longer lists of links and you will still need an advanced report if you want to see all links in a given profile.

Other benefits include:

  • Default Advanced Reports settings – different types of users need different information so now you can create your own settings
  • More intuitive access to tools – with a new look quick link addition and improved breadcrumbs for easier navigation
  • First Found Dates – more clarity in the ‘true’ first found within the fresh index with the addition of a ‘<‘ to show the true first found date.

Advanced Reports Settings:

Intuitive Access to the Majestic SEO Toolset:

First Found Dates:

For more details visit the Majestic SEO Blog.

If you haven’t already done so and would like to sign up as a new user – register with MajesticSEO


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