Majestic SEO Makes Several Changes To Make Things Easier

Majestic SEO Makes Several Changes To Make Things Easier

27th September 2011

One of the leading tools when it comes to competitor link analysis, Majestic SEO, today announces several changes to their product. Majestic calls it “a bit of a delayed spring clean“. Changes are amongst others improved ability to download ALL your back links and more and clearer navigation inside the tool.

Majestic makes clear that the tool has seen an immense growth in the past six months. Not just in users, but also in amount of data analyzed. To keep a grip on this Majestic merged the Standard Report count and Advanced Report count into one new total, making it a bit clearer to the users. A new figure consisting of the sum of the Standard Report count and Advanced Report count is generated to gain some flexibility.

Reports changes

Major changes can be seen in the Advanced Reports. Majestic made changes to the look and feel by adding the same menus system used on the “My Reports” screen. The download options are now broken down to four screens.

Not just the advanced reports have been pimped, the standard reports have been changed somewhat too.

The anchor text information on the Standard reports were sometimes a little vague, like the term backlink. That now has been changed. The Standard Report now emphasizes that data is in rows containing Link Data. Majestic reformatted the Standard Report overview, and enhanced the information shown.

Other changes are:

– Redirection Status Codes
– Improved ability to Download ALL your back links
– Better clarification when your reports are out of date
– Better navigation in advanced reports

Find more information on the Majestic Blog.


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