Majestic SEO New ‘Bucket List’ Link Management Feature

Majestic SEO New ‘Bucket List’ Link Management Feature

20th November 2012

It was only a matter of time, and today’s announcement from Majestic SEO confirms that the tool is growing into a link management suite.

The new Bucket List allows users to collect links that are of interest and create a collection making it even easier to select relevant URLS and apply the most commonly used tools… AND for the first time you can create BULK REPORTS!

Bucket List Overview

“Like a shopping cart for links”, the Bucket List has it’s own icon bucket-list and will be showing up in all dashboards alongside the familiar icons.

Bucket Lists Allow you to:

  • Collect groups of links
  • Export the group for further investigation
  • Manage URL sets independently

How does it work?

Lets say you see an interesting link and decide it needs further investigation. Instead of having to make a note or open in a separate window, you can now click on the bucket icon and add to your bucket list without leaving the page. The system will also let you know that the URL has been added.

This makes it possible to scan thousands of links making a note of the ones of interest.

bucket list

What does it look like?

The Bucket List Screen:

Bucket List Overview

Other Features

As with all links in the Majestic SEO suite, you can export, compare in the backlink checker, see the domains over time in the back link history tool, compare link fights and upload lists to the system.

Majestic being Majestic, they have added a new function that will make link comparison a whole lot quicker and easier.

Majestic SEO Bulk Reports

For the first time you can create up to 100 bulk reports by selecting the urls in your bucket list, so you can create, save and investigate all those links at your leisure in much more detail, making the war against algo updates a little less taxing.



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