Majestic Search Launches Live Rank Factors
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Majestic Search Launches Live Rank Factors

10th December 2013

Exciting News in the Majestic SEO Camp – the move towards an evolving search engine is now upon us!

In October, MajesticSEO launched Search Explorer on the back of its link intelligence data but now Majestic plan to move forward as a European based search engine and develop the market in its own right. Majestic also plan to show users how they are able to rank results on the fly.

Today, Majestic SEO unveil live rank factors for search. We will be writing up our beta test in a separate post but here is a taste of what you can look forward to.

We spoke to Dixon earlier today  – he had this to say:

Now that I can see I’ve results I am even more excited that Europe is finally on the way to having something useful and different in Search. We don’t plan to rival the American, Chinese and Russian search giants, but I do think we have non-personalised results with no hint of advertising pressure to skew the results. But then… since we show you exactly how factors influence each element or the SERPs, everyone can see that for themselves moving forward.” Dixon Jones – Majestic SEO

So without further ado – let’s take a look at this bad boy 🙂

Live Ranking Factors

When you type a phrase into the Majestic Search Engine – as expected you are provided with search results. How Majestic SEO differs is that you will also get a detailed view of how and why the results were ranked.

Live Ranking Factors Charts

  • URLs listed are Majestic Search SERPs
  • Overall search score (Majestic interpretation of search factors)
  • Relative weighting of the results (InTitle, InAnchor and InURL)


Visit the Majestic blog for more info on this particular chart.

What does this mean for SEO’s?

Well certainly a lot less guessing and a level of transparency that you just don’t get with other search engines. As the search algorithm improves, Majestic SEO also intend to improve the transparency.

Showing this level of transparency at this level of scale has never been done by the main search engines. However, no other “smaller player” has been able to develop the infrastructure to realistically show, calculate and visualize this data at scale.” Majestic SEO Blog

Majestic believe that this is the start of a different approach to SEO  – now it is possible to run a search query and see why one result appears above another and analyse the results.

SERPS Screen Layout

This screen shows main search score factors in the SERPS with additional referring domains, external backlink count and Flow metrics for further interpretation of ranking factors.

Clicking on ‘inAnchor’ drills down into the results.


Majestic Search Ranking Factors Tab

Contains two modes:

  • Chart mode
  • Data mode (more detail with URL factors)


What’s Next For Majestic?

As Majestic strengthens its search capability, they plan to:

  • Increase the number of factors used in their search engine
  • Integrate Flow Metrics

Majestic Search is not Google (yet :-))  but has set out to avoid clutter and confusion. The Majestic Blog states:

“…providing Majestic’s search engine starts to provide more and more RELEVANT search results, this is going to increasingly become a strength for SEOs, because it provides relevance based on a clearly defined set of variables… we plan to increase the number of factors that we are using in our search engine. The obvious ones to start integrating next are our Flow Metrics which are already on the screen but not yet being used in our scoring on this release.”

To read more including a detailed overview of scenarios where this is useful not just for SEO’s but for link prospecting, PR, benchmarking your SEO against competition (and more besides). Nothing can guarantee Google rankings and the Majestic Search does not have the same ranking factors.

Platinum users will be able to see this data in their API but will have to wait until the next update.

The tool is now live so sign up to have a play about and let us know what you think!



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