Majestic SEO to Launch OpenApps

Majestic SEO to Launch OpenApps

7th November 2011

Last week at the Searchawards Majestic SEO was voted as being the “tool of the year”. The linkresearchtool however doesn’t stop there, this week at Pubcon they will be announcing a new website as well as a new feature which will please many programmers: OpenApps.

“Majestic OpenApps” is set up to carry the tool further and have others program applications which can work with Majestic. It is also a smart response to the closing of Yahoo Site Explorer.

Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO says:

“We are opening up our data so that third party applications can build modules which let them use the resources of our customers. Inspired by (but not the same as) OpenAuth, Majestic SEO users will have complete control over what applications can use their accounts.”

The roll out gives tool makers and those using in-house tools the opportunity to take the necessary data and then take it even further. With Majestic’s fresh index being almost real time, this is a powerful add on.

Majestic will also be launching a new website, of which you can see a screen below. The redesign should take care of some usability issues Majestic had.


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