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Majestic SEO Upgrade Site Explorer

9th July 2013

Yesterday Majestic SEO launched a brand new version of Site Explorer including: Improved Screen layout, Anchor Text Charts, Tailored Site Explorer Tabs and Crawl results.

We take a look at the new features and improvements – and for those of you who like a challenge you can win a gold star and find some hidden Easter Eggs.

What Upgrades Can We Expect?

  • Improvements to Logical Tab Order
  • Clearer Summary Data
  • New Pie chart link overview
  • Home Page Title now included
  • 404 links
  • Customisable Tabs
  • Faster Access to Site Explorer

What Does The New Interface Look Like?

There are 3 obvious new areas: HomePage Title, Changes to Domain Info, and Tabs:




There are also some new Pie Charts for backlink breakdowns:



404 List

It’s good to feedback as the additional 404 list was the result of user feedback. Majestic have added a list of site links that resolve to 404 with their most accurate crawl result from the last time your pages were checked.

This new layer of data will – we hope – prove invaluable for web-masters trying to make sure their sites are working well. We’ll be showing if the page was blocked by robots.txt, didn’t resolve, had server issues or time outs and all sorts of other reasons. If we can’t specify why we were unable to see the page then we’ll tell you that too – Majestic SEO Blog



Customise Your Tabs

Finding that different people have been using sesctions in different ways, MajesticSEO have decided to enable you to change the default tab order and filter settings – handy!


What was that about Easter Eggs?

Majestic have not had time to write about all of the tools yet, but Dixon has hinted that if you use one of the new tools correctly “you will be able to find out a site’s most prolific link partners or you can use it to find holes in your link strategy much faster than you could before”

Tell Majestic what you think has changed and claim your Gold Star!

For more information visit the Majestic SEO Blog


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