Really Understanding the Audience on Topic Level with Majestic’s Trust Flow

Really Understanding the Audience on Topic Level with Majestic’s Trust Flow

23rd April 2014


Categorisation of the web, do you think it’s possible? MajesticSEO sure does. The tool which these days is much more than just an ‘SEO tool’ just launched their newest feature: Topical Trust Flow. With this, Majestic SEO claims, they have categorized the whole web.

Majestic SEO can now ‘show the proximity of any page within a site to any topic and we can show the trust we put in our prediction with a new score: Topical Trust Flow.’

Majestic is known for their huge index of over 200 billion pages. Now with this move they looked at all of those pages and with that they can work out the proximity of the page to one of nearly one thousand categories. So each page on a website can be looked at through Majestic and the Trust Flow can be determined.

So what?

So why is this a big deal? Well this exceeds the ‘link building aspect’ of looking at websites. Majestic now lets marketers not only get a number on a website for potential links, it can help the marketers understand the website and where that specific page is within the eco system of the web. Especially with sites that have multiple categories (think newspaper sites for example) this is very useful. One site can after be very ‘powerful’ on one topic, but could be less powerful on another.

The Trust flow (which also works on social profiles) is very powerful for determining who is properly influential and who just seems to be influential on specific topics. It is not just about number of followers anymore, it’s about a lot more.

Personally I feel this can be a very powerful tool for marketers, not just SEOs but marketers in general. To really understand your audience. To really get a grip on who is influential and who isn’t.

Part of the ranking algorithm

Last year Majestic announced it was building their own search engine. The question then already was how they would be able to create a ranking algorithm which would give us the right overview of sites. Majestic with this change takes a giant step towards that. It also puts a different perspective on the search engine: they are building not just any search engine, they are building a marketers search engine.

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Behind closed doors

There is a downside to this story. At least there is for those who were hoping to get this for free. Majestic is only offering the Trust Flow to their customer base. So if you want to use it, you need to sign up for their services. But once you are you can play around with it as much as you can.


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