Tools Week Presentation Demo: Majestic SEO

Tools Week Presentation Demo: Majestic SEO

11th March 2013

During the State of Search Tools Week we have given you several demo’s from tools, the last one in the series is Majestic SEO. Dixon Jones showed us the product and took the time to answer questions afterwards, which you can also listen to in the video below.

After the video there is information about what was said in the Q&A so you can skip directly to the part you find interesting. Below more information on Majestic SEO.

Q&A Majestic SEO

From minute 21:30 on there is a Q&A with Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO:

Quality of the links vs Quantity of Links

(From 22:20)

Dixon explains that thinking from an individual perspective is a good thing. People have influence on specific levels. In the end it is not just about a link to site A to site B but actual conversations have influence on these links as well.

The Majestic features show a flow which goes beyond the links.

The explanation to managers

(From 25:30)

It is difficult to explain influence to managers. The numbers in Majestic highlights the math for the managers, you will still need to explain things, but it gives insights in the butterfly effect.

Visualisation Map

The map of links is based upon the host server location?

(From 27:20)

Yes, it is based on the hot location. Majestci will come with nice information on that soon in France. On the top 1000 websites hosted in France.

Majestic Million

(From 29:00)

Dixon shows Majestic Million, the top million websites on the web. There also is a page on that on State of Search when it comes to search engines.

What type of tasks would you use the historic index for

(From 30:30)

There are two things you could especially use the historic index for:

1: Tracking links velocity
2: Analysis and historical research

Majestic API

(From 33:30)

What is the API access like? For example can this information be pulled through to GoogleDocs fairly easily?

There are different versions of the API. The different ones can be found here:

The API comes into the platinum account. Resellers are on a different level.

They also have what is called “Open Apps” where services like SEOGadget, Openurls, their own plugins etcetera make use of. Open Apps is the cheap way to use Majestic.


(From 38:10)

You can start with a free account. Other are Silver, Gold and Platinum. Find information on that here:

What is the typical Majestic SEO user?

(From 41:50)

A typical user is someone SEO working in an agency, in house SEO, silver package

What does Majestic compare to?

(From 43:25)

Most tools aggregate different types of data, Majestic just analyses the web. Not an all-in-one tool. You have to worry if an aggregate tool isn’t using the

If any competitors would be Ahrefs, OpenSite Explorer

About Majestic SEO

Get in touch

Get in touch with Majestic SEO via their website or e-mail: [email protected] Be sure to also follow their blog for the latest updates.

Main features

Get a complete overview of the features here.

Their main features are:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Checker
  • Link profile fight tool
  • Backlink History tool
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • Clique Hunter
  • Majestic Million tool
  • Comparator tool
  • Neighbourhood checker tool
  • Advanced Reports and Standard Reports
  • Majestic Badges


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