Manchester United most visible in Search, Chelsea most Social
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Manchester United most visible in Search, Chelsea most Social

24th October 2012

In a week in which there is a lot of Champions League Football taking place it is always nice to build a bridge between two completely different industries. And that is exactly what Searchmetrics decided to do when they started their research to find out which Premier League team is most visible in and which team has the most social mentions.

The results are interesting. As you will see further down in this post the ‘League Table’ has a slightly different look than the one which shows the rankings of the ‘real’ Premier League. A few teams however rank well on all tables: Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal do well online, where Arsenal needs to catch up in points in the real Premier League. The best social platform to be visible on seems to be Facebook.

Visibility in Search Results

As you can see in the table below Manchester United scores best when it comes to visibility in the search results, followed by Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. This means these teams are most showing up in the search results on relevant search terms.

The Top 5 of visibility looks like this:

Club SEO Visibility
1 Manchester United 44,954
2 Arsenal 42,784
3 Liverpool 32,176
4 Chelsea 30,547
5 Tottenham Hotspur 16,519

(Complete table below)

Visibility in Social

But we cannot ‘just’ look at search anymore these days off course. So Searchmetrics also looked at Social. Using a Social Visibility score based on how often content from a web site is shared, liked, tweeted etc on social sites Searchmetrics found that Chelsea is mentioned the most, followed by Manchester United. One thing to keep in mind here though is that Searchmetrics did not look at

The Top 5 of social looks like this:

Club Social Visibility
1 Chelsea 50,363,039
2 Manchester United 32,605,712
3 Arsenal 22,272,385
4 Manchester City 3,613,681
5 Liverpool 3,257,427

(Complete table below)

When it comes to social the top 5 is mentioned over the different platforms like this:

Club Facebook Twitter Google+
1. Chelsea 29% 3% 68%
2. Manchester United 98.7% 1,2%
3. Arsenal 92% 8%
4. Manchester City 93% 7%
5. Liverpool 23% 7% 70%

It shows that Facebook is by far the best platform to be visible on. Surprising here is the high percentage Liverpool gets on Google+

Why bother?

What’s interesting off course is what this says. Why should we bother? Well, for one thing, professional Football probably is one of the industries where most money is spent on marketing, so online marketing and in this case search and social, is playing a larger and larger role in their strategies.

Marcus Tober of Searchmetrics explaines:

“When it comes to the web, in many ways Premier League football clubs act like media businesses. They try to attract visitors and fans to their official sites where they can engage with them and potentially sell tickets, hospitality packages and merchandise. They compete with newspaper publishers, broadcasters and online media, making visibility in search engines and social media a vital part of their online marketing.”

For these teams it is important to be visible as much as possible. It is what in the end will make them money.

Find below the entire list of visibility and social:

Club SEO Visibility Club Social Visibility League position
1 Manchester United 44,954 1 Chelsea 50,363,039 2
2 Arsenal 42,784 2 Manchester United 32,605,712 9
3 Liverpool 32,176 3 Arsenal 22,272,385 12
4 Chelsea 30,547 4 Manchester City 3,613,681 1
5 Tottenham Hotspur 16,519 5 Liverpool 3,257,427 5
6 Manchester City 14,974 6 Tottenham Hotspur 834,204 3
7 Everton 12,961 7 Everton 565,651 4
8 West Ham United 10,819 8 Aston Villa 543,214 7
9 Aston Villa 8,573 9 West Ham United 320,976 17
10 Newcastle United 4,133 10 Queens Park Rangers 232,181 11
11 Norwich City 2,846 11 Newcastle United 231,714 15
12 Southampton 2,635 12 Fulham 195,739 18
13 Stoke City 2,294 13 Southampton 184,548 13
14 Fulham 1,869 14 Sunderland 161,872 8
15 Sunderland 1,799 15 Norwich City 118,927 14
16 Wigan Athletic 1,718 16 Swansea City 96,262 16
17 Swansea City 1,314 17 Reading 85,931 10
18 Reading 1,184 18 West Bromwich Albion 85,353 19
19 West Bromwich Albion 938 19 Stoke City 84,333 6
20 Queens Park Rangers 908 20 Wigan Athletic 53,851 20


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