Marissa Mayer about Facebook: “There is a lot of content that is being locked in”

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Michael Arrington on stage in a talk with Google’s Marissa Mayer with Mayer almost constantly ‘dodging’ the questions, though the questions were not really that tough. Ah yes, It was the setting twice at LeWeb, in both 2008 and 2009. At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference last week they seemed to be doing a rerun of those sessions. Yet, this time Mayer did give us something to chew on. A little…

Some of the remarks Mayer made were not news, but merely a confirmation of what we already knew:

– Google is working to add social features to all of its applications rather than building a standalone social network.
– An audience member asked Mayer if Facebook is a competitor in search, she responded that Facebook is “really different than what Google is really focused on” although there are “elements that are interesting.”
– About Facebook: “There is a lot of content that is being locked in, you should still be able to find the information that’s relevant to you, that you would otherwise have access to.”

Mayer also unveiled some updates to Google Instant like adding support in new countries and expanding the feature to other parts of Google search and the (very annoying) keyboard search. Find some of the updates in the video below:

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