Marissa Mayer: “Google hasn’t gotten social yet”

Marissa Mayer: “Google hasn’t gotten social yet”

4th January 2011

Mediabeat had the chance to sit down and talk to Marissa Mayer. And they got her to actually talk and give straight answers.

In the first part Marissa talks about Places where she highlights Hotpot as the competitive product from Google towards Foursquare. She is also asked how Google will get people to embrace this technology which pushes local. She indicates that everybody, including Google, is trying out what works and what doesn’t. Marissa also discusses missing the Groupon deal and how Google these days leaves a company intact when they buy that company and leave them the autonomy.

In the second part Marissa answers more questions about the different products she has been working on. She also claims: Search is about education. Facebook also gets a small sneer when it comes to opens. When asked about Buzz she admits Google hasn’t gotten social yet. But they are working on it. And as usual privacy is named as something they are very careful with.

In part 3 she talks about her own career, her ‘geekyness’ and how girls should me more into maths. She also tells about how she got 14 job offers when she graduated and chose Google.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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